Friday, October 12, 2012

Monthly 40K tournament in Chicago. Who wants to go?

By Spaguatyrine

As I have been looking for more tournaments to go to within traveling distance from Indianapolis.  Most of the Grand Tournaments are 5+ hours away.

That being said.......

Chicago is only 3 hours away and could provide a difference player base than I currently play in.  The Adeptus Windy City Gaming Group seems like a good group of guys similar to our size here in Indy.  I like that they have a schedule that goes almost an entire year ahead of time.  There is a comp scoring which I am not too excited about but thanks to Outremer my stuff can hang with anyone. 

I am looking to go up to Chicago and would like to take some Indy talent who might want to go to the November 17th tournament.   Please let me know if you want to make the trip.

Are there other tournaments around that you all go to on a regular basis?  I know there is a nice tournament monthly at  The Game Preserve Bloomington.

Where else is there to go??????

And who is going with me???????


  1. In Springfield,IL at Capital City Games. A monthly tournament that rotates between 1250, 1500 and 1850. Dave and Brett run awesome tournaments and they do most of the terrain for Adepticon. Torn out goes up and down depending on how close to Adepticon it is. But usually at least 12-14.

  2. There is no comp system in any if the tournaments. The only qualification is that the army is fully painted.

    1. Swanson, any tournment that has 20% of your score based upone sportsmanship, it is a comp tournament in my opinion. As noted at Adepticon this past year, if I crush you in a game you can easily dock me 20% of my total score. Regardless of it I was nice to you or not.

  3. I might be interested in going, depends on school schedule and such. I'm always looking for fresh opponents.

  4. I might be interested once things calm down here a bit... Guessing a few other CU folks might be interested as well...

  5. Cool Gravemind and pchappel. So that is possibly with a few verbals I have had. Sounds like a roadtrip. Let us know if you are planning on going.

  6. It's worth noting that, as far as I know, there are no performance-based prizes at the AWC events. Starting a month or so ago, they began raffling off all the gift card prizes to try to increase attendance among less competitive-focused players.

    I think the only thing you 'win' is points in their year-long club league, and that's the main focus now that the prizes are random.

  7. I am still waiting to hear back from the group. Obviously we play for fun but some travel to events for the opportunity to play great people and maybe win prizes. I should hear something soon.

  8. THere are monthly tournaments held down in Saint Louis at Fantasy Books and Games

    They have a generalship only tournament at the beginning of every month and have recently started holding old style RT tournaments once month as well.

    I haven't attend one in a long while since school has ramped up but I hear that the competition has gotten a lot stiffer.

  9. I'm definately interested should I get ample warning ahead of time. Two weeks usually.


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