Friday, December 17, 2010

Whatever Happened To Guardsman Hawke?

by SandWyrm

Ok, I just recently finished reading Storm Or Iron, by Graham McNeil. Afterwards, I'm left with two reoccurring thoughts (spoiler!):

1) I want an Iron Warriors Army!
2) What Happened To Hawk?

I can't do much about #1 for a while, as I just found out today that my furnace needs replacing (sigh...). But I figured I'd throw out #2 as a question. What happened? Has he been inducted into the Imperial Fists, or did they just take him home to Jouran?

The book doesn't say, and we're obviously supposed to wonder, but maybe there's been some follow-up storytelling later that would answer the question. Anybody know?


  1. I think he popped up in dead sky, black sun in the ultra marine books.

  2. There was a background piece on the Jouran Dragoons in a White Dwarf, part of a series on Imperial Guard regiments which alluded to him being taken back to Jouran with news of his regiments destruction - he was regarded as a trooper of bad character and not believed IIRC.

  3. He had cancer didn't he? All of them had it. Those taken by the Iron Warriors either died or were 'freed' by the Red Corsairs if I'm not mistaken.

    Can always send an email off to McNeil. He has a blog or something.


  4. He reappears in Priests of Mars..


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