Friday, October 5, 2012

Grey Knights for sale or rent...

by: farmpunk

I'm finally doing it. I'm selling off my GK's if anyone wants to buy them send an e-mail to the blog. I've got a strike squad, and several halberdier squads. (I used them as purifiers) This is the bulk of the same force I took to NOVA.

I'm working on raising the about $200 I need to buy a full Flames of War Early War French Escadron de Combat (Medium tank company) so I can participate in the Able Companie Christmas tourney (and SandWyrm and I can do something other than Mid-War)

I'd like to get the $225 by selling all of the models below (all painted to 4+ colors and most based with 2 media):
Bro Cap Stern (I used him as a Libby)
GK Terminator w/Halberd
4 GK's with swords
16 Halberd GK's
10 Psycannon GK's
3 Daemonhammer GK's
2 Psyfleman dread (w/ 1 set MM/dccw)
1 unpainted incinerator (metal model: not pictured)

so send an e-mail to theBack40k@gmail (dot) com
Make an offer!

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