Monday, December 3, 2012

Year End 1500 point 40k tournament on December 22nd at Games 2die4

By Spaguatyrine

I am running the last tournament of 2012 at Games 2 Die 4 in Avon. 

Check out the details and make this last event a great one!  We are using the 6th edition rules you have wanted.....

Last of the year 1500 Point Tournament!!!
December 22nd
11:00 AM (Be there at 10:30)
Up to 1500 points each of any legal army to include proper force organization structure per 6th edition
$10 per person
Special Rules: Fortifications are eligible for use not counting Fortress of Redemptions and sky shield landing pads. We will use mysterious objectives and terrain with a twist. Check it out.
The primary missions will be rolled randomly at the start of the round 1. The primary and secondary missions will be played simultaneously while the tertiary missions are used as tie breakers for all scoring.

Purge the Alien
The Emperors will
The secondary missions will be: (One each to be announced at start of tourney)

Big Gun’s Never Tire. (Yes your heavies will be scoring)
The Scouring (Not Random objectives but point totals will be set by TO)
The Relic
The tertiary missions which will be First Blood, Line Breaker, and Slay the warlord


  1. Asked off work today! Hopefully I'll get it and be able to come down and throw some dice!

  2. I look forward to it.
    Some questions;

    is it W/L?
    what about a painting score?
    How many rounds will there be?
    for the Scouring, is FA still scoring?

  3. Yes it id win loss draw. It possible to draw but unlikely. Painting is seperate. In the scouring fa are scoring.
    3 rounds. Random prides except for 1st. Let me know if you want on the sign up.

  4. I'm gonna make a show. Put me down. Finally I get to turn in my G2D4 free tourney entry that I won.

  5. Is there any requirement for army list format?just checkn

  6. Any hints on the terrain twist.


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