Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Angels revealed!

By TheGraveMind
Author is Jeremy Vetock, (skaven writer)

So this was passed on to me. Seems green marines are truly around the corner. Here are some White dwarf pictures that are out. (updating as I go)

You can follow the link here to see some more.

I really like the look of this new flier. The heavy speeder looks interesting as well. I'm wondering about the weapons the deathwing knights are carrying around too. The only thing missing from the rumors is the plasma cannon terminators. There is still time for them to come out of hiding as well.
Opinions? looks like I'll be saving back some holiday money.
 Release is Jan 12th


  1. Those look like Power Maces and Storm Shields on the Deathwing Knights.

    1. Could be, or they could be some special variant. Bikers have what look like twin linked plasma guns and thunder hammers, but description calls them plasma talons and corvus hammers.

    2. I kind of hope that they are called Maces but have some cool rules. Also, I would love to see Dark Angesl with Hatred: chaos space marines just to shake things up.

  2. Now, I DO have a DA army, so this is good news for me :-)... I do have to say I am REALLY hoping that the flier at least will NOT be limited to DA only... These things are becoming a bit annoying and seems to be a strange decision for a company wanting to "sell more stuff"...

  3. GraveMind, I was just looking through the same things and was wondering if you and your readers would be willing to critique my assessments.

    1. I look forward to reading all of the reviews in the morning. I'll need a good night sleep on these images.


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