Monday, March 4, 2013

Indy Open 2013 Pictures

by SandWyrm

Here's all of the pictures that I took at the Indy Open this past weekend. Enjoy!

Greg/CaulynDarr keeping all the scores straight. Great job Greg!

The WarStrike Demo table.
Uberdark looking very happy. :)

The WarStrike Demo Table

60 hours of conversion work right there.

Aaron/Spag is in the middle. Jason, the Dust TO, is on the left.


Dustin McLane's army was quite nice.

Top tables for the last round were:
  1. Necrons vs. Necrons + Chaos Marines
  2. Necrons vs. Chaos Marines (Dustin's Nurgle Army, above)
  3. Necrons vs. Grey Knights
All 4 Necron armies were flier heavy. The one with Chaos Marine allies brought a Helldrake and some cultists.

Sorry I can't put more names to those, but I was pretty distracted with my wife going to the hospital twice this weekend. I was also too wrapped up in the paint judging to get pics of all the nice armies. Hopefully someone got some pics of Hulksmash's entire army, as he won best painted with a beautiful Admech-converted IG force.


  1. Necron Spam-fest. Was there a Sisters or Black Templars army to be seen anywhere?

  2. yes, I do know there was one Sisters army. There's a guy in town (besides me) that plays them. He brings them very regularly.

    as for BT, I dunno. I didn't get to hang around much this weekend.

  3. No BT from my remembering. Hulksmash's army was pretty awesome. Actually The all Necrons list on the top table only had 2 Scythes from my memory. But the list of armies at the top shouldn't be a surprise really.

    There were 2 guys playing Eldar with GK and a couple more playing DE/Eldar. Sisters, Some orks, some demons, and way too much IG. Everywhere I mean and I mean in a blob style. Lots of Dreadknights. A couple of Paladin centric armies (very cool overall).

    The number of flyers in the room easily outnumber the total number of troop transports in the room.

  4. The oddest army we had was a Space Wolf one that was almost all Ferensian Wolves.

  5. Actually, Dustin's (gravyghost) army is chaos with daemons, all nugle tally man list. The necrons in the picture are someone elses.
    I took some photos of a lot of armies near the beginning. Not the best quality as I just snapped and went to the next, but I can do a photo dump here soon. I have both hulksmashs and hans kruegers.
    I think it was 1 sisters, 2 DE, 4 Tyranids 4-6 orks, 2-3 eldar, like 1 daemon army, and a whole bunch of GK, Crons, CSM, and IG. oh, and I know at least 1 DA and 1 BA. atleast one Wolf army, and a handful of vanilla marines (stormtalon got better)

  6. I will have the score sheet that lists all the armies, everones battle scores and overall scores by tomorrow.

  7. Lol anyone want that chili mac in the 2nd to last picture??? Never ended up eating it.

  8. Is that the chili with the spaghetti noddles? If so, no thanks.

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  10. That was my army against Dustin. He was Chaos Space Marines + Chaos Daemons and I was Necrons + Chaos.
    Great game and better tournament. :)


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