Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting help needed (cockpits)

By TheGravemind

After the IndyOpen, I took a step back from gaming, and have been working on painting. Seeing all of those well painted armies really inspired me to get more stuff done. Yes, I have that post pending as well. And here is where I came to a problem. Working on getting some fliers of my own done, I'm trying to figure out how to paint the cockpit.

I've seen this effect before, but I can't really find any good guides at how to do it. I'm assuming it is painting the inside of the cockpit glass, which I imagine makes it that much more difficult to do.

So if any one out there can walk me through, or provide a guide, it would be much appreciated.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7P9g5Nkje4 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxe8mlAduUw

    The first storm talon uses dark grey, bluish grey and cold grey.

    No need to paint it from within, just mask the cockpit after painted like on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH1ffArWJ-4

    1. Yeah, all they did was spray the entire canopy the same grey. Then they taped off each section and used an airbrush to do the gradation. Any imperfections were painted over in the original grey.

  2. Ugh painting out the canopy is so ugly. It looks ok in the pictures but as soon as you move your head the effect is ruined.

    I really think gloss is a better way to go for the shine on your aircraft canopies. A 50% tint + the heavy gloss of the floor polish is such a nice effect and because the shine is nautral it'll move with your eye.

    The military modellers use a floor polish called Future (or Klear or your regional equivalent). Check out the awesome effect on the TSR-2:

    1. The gloss won't look so hot on a flat-faced canopy. Only on a curved one.

      What I would do is spray the canopy a deep blue. Maybe a darked Ultramarine. Then subtly glaze in the things that the canopy would actually reflect.

      Look at my Kübelwagons in this post for an idea of what I'm talking about:


      Sky is a deep blue straight upwards, and a light cyan at the horizon. The horizon would also include a subtle line of grey-brown at the bottom. Which is the earth. While straight up, you might subtly indicate clouds overhead.

      Finish it up with a GW gloss coat ('Ard Coat?), and you'll be good.

    2. Each segment is at a different angle, so you would have a nice shine effect even without the curve. Like this, but better because it's got more segments:

    3. I prefer gloss as well, and Future does it best for canopies. Tamiya, I believe (I'm at work and my can is at home), makes a smoke spray that works great for tinting windows in a way that allows you to still see inside. Blast the canopy with that, let it dry, then dip it in Future.

    4. You'll get a general shine, but little in the way of speculative highlights. You need a curved surface for that.

      Yay for badly design GW fliers. Dump trucks! In SPAAAAAAAAAACEeee!

    5. Gloss just never looks good on GW models...I prefer the effect these guys have done. It really isn't hard with an airbrush either - but near impossible without it!

  3. Follow the Swanny's models link down in the links section for a whole bunch of tools and tips.

    this one is my favorite. It's the same tip Korona mentions: Future Floor polish.

    I've even had it mask superglue fingerprints on canopies (in Immolators and Sisters Rhinos) It makes the canopy look like glass. It's cool. and you won't screw up your canopy with painting it.

  4. I did my vendetta's cockpit windows with ice blue and it gives a nice look realistic look to them.

  5. Thanks guys! I'll have to give all the tips a try, we'll see what works. I don't like the yellow storm talon's cockpit as much as the green one. It doesn't pop out as much which is fine.

  6. Here, is a point in the right direction... good ol'Les Bursley of awesomepaintjob.com, this cuts to the chase but check out the whole vid.


  7. Hey GraveMind - what's wrong with keeping the cockpits clear and painting the interior?

  8. Speaking of dumptrucks in space, started airburshing my ork battlewagons' flames lol




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