Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tyranid spore pod model

By TheGraveMind
 So people at the Indy Open asked me where I got my pod from for my tyranids. I got them (ya I have more than one) from Mr. Dandy/Wargamma. He makes tons of nice little resin things. I've gotten a few of my terrain/display board bits from him as well. I think the Indy Open even gave away some of his stuff as prizes.

Granted the pod costs like 45$ plus hefty shipping, but it is well worth it. The details in the model are amazing, tiny ripples and cracks in the skin, and it fits the tyranid look very well. GW finally got the Tervigon model out, but they really dropped the ball by not getting one of these kits out. Especially back in 5th when full reserve list was popular.

Here it is side by side a drop pod of mine. Almost the exact dimensions. The drop pod is a little bit taller, but in these pictures, the spore pod doesn't have the spikes on the top either.

If you are wanting a lot of these, they add up fast, and so does shipping. (while they are hallowed out, it is a thick and solid piece of resin, very very heavy model.) I do not regret buying these at all, as I'm sure they will out class the model that GW releases if they ever do.


  1. I get all my bases from them. They are a great company. And wonderful to work with.

  2. I don't think GW will be hooking up the 'Nids with any new stuffs anytime soon.


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