Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clash of the Titans: Farmpunk vs. Spaguatyrine

by Spaguatyrine

The greatly anticipated clash of Farmpunk and Spaguatyrine.  Ragnar and his pack are on a patrol when he gets attacked by a group of Witchhunters. Just like they attempted to take over the fang many years ago, Ragnar attempts to expel them from the immediate area.

Farmpunk and I finally got in a 1500 point game that was a great laugh, a good competitive game, and a time to give each other a hard time.

My list:

Ragnar Blackmane
Inquisitor with Psycannon
3xGH packs-2 w Rhino, 1 w Razorback
1 Stormtrooper squad
3 thunderwolves
1 Wolf Scouts pack
1 Longfang pack
1 Wolfguard pack

His list:

1 Inquistor Lord
2 sisters squads in Rhino's
2 Celestian Squads in Immolaters
1 inducted guard platoon wChimera
2 Exorcist

The mission was Capture and Control with 1 objective in the middle and Dawn of War deployment.(Which I hate).  I won the roll to go first and took it.

I deployed Ragnar and his  GH pack in Rhino half way up the board. Farmpunk deployed this

His objective is in the middle of his platoon squad while the middle objective is left of Ragnar's rhino.

I drop with 2 Wolf Guard and pop the Inquisitors Ride with combi-melta's also killing 2 models in the explosion. I attempted to shoot with long range weapons, but due to night fight couldnt see. Below is the view I had.  I moved the Rhino on and climbed the Stormtroopers in while the Rhino smoked. 

 Farmpunk brought in everything as such.  He immobilized a Rhino off the board and I allowed him to bring it in anyways, being a friendly game and all.  {With the new FAQ, it would have been destroyed, just checked this morning :) } He shot at Ragnar's Rhino and managed to kill all but 1 wolfguard, 1 GH, and 1 wound left on Ragnar. Uggh!!  He also killed 1 of the 2 wolfguard, where 1 managed to go to ground and make his 6+ save to not die from melta.  I failed the morale test and he ran 8". YES!!  He also wrecked the Drop pod.

My turn 2 Ragnar moved in and wiped out the 10 sister squad with only the Wolfguard living.  (I am really not making very many saves here.  The lone wolfguard from the drop pod rallied and charged the Giant Platoon winning combat!! 3 attacks vs 26.  Wow! I moved my Stormtrooper Rhino up 12 to block line of sight to the Thunderwolves who moved forward but only ran 3".  I fired my lonfangs and only stunned the immolater on the far right and wrecked the immolater in the middle.  The Razorback fired into the Inquisitor unit killing 1 meltagun.

His turn 2 was uneventful. He fired into my longfangs with both Exorcist doing nothing. He killed the both lone wolf guards and moved his sisters shooting at the Stormtroopers Rhino Shaking it. He shuffled around and moved his far right immolater towards my right flank and moved his Rhino below back to pick up the sisters squad hoofing it next to his right hand. (Is he playing with his sisters models with his hands????)

 Turn 3 changed the game. My scounts came in from behind enemy lines.(As the sisters seem to like) assualted the Platoon Command Squad and the piano exorcist exploding it and killing the squad. The Longfangs destroy the Chimera killing all but the Inq lord and splitting fire Knock off the heavy flamer on the Immolater to the far right. My Razorback immobilizes itself trying to move over terrain towards the objective but manages to kill the Inq lord with the twin linked heavy bolter.  My thunderwolves moves and kills the Celestian Squad and consolidates into the crater.  The Rune Priest moves up and shoots living lightning but does nothing.

This is the side view after the scouts knocked out the Exorcist and the other Chimera blows up.

His turn 3 he shoots everything into the scouts killing everyone but again...The lone wolf guard (Yes he has a thunderhammer and a combi-melta) :-} .  The exorcist moves and shoots into the wolves only causing 1 wound with 6 missles.  His Sisters squad moves 12" towards the center objective, jumps out to shoot the wolves and does zero wounds. His other celestian squad jumps out and wrecks my Razorback pinning my GH Squad. Arrg!

 Here is the view at the end of his turn 3.

Turn 4 I move my Wolfguard who blows up the exorcist with the combi-melta, Move the stormtroopers who shoot at the sisters rhino and Shake it, the Thunderwolves assault and kill 6 sisters who are stubborn, while my Longfangs kill 1 celestian.  The Rune priest moves 12" jumps out seperating from the squad to cast a Jaws line that will hit every sister, but he makes his 5+ cancels my psychic power. That would have taken at least 5. The GH jump out on the other side of the Rhino and shoot at the Immolater only Shaking it. *I am not complaining, but melta should blow up more vehicles!!!!

His turn 4 he shoots everything from the platoon squad at the Rune priest and does zero unsaved wounds and calls the game. The store is closing and farmpunk realizes it is futile to battle the space wolves just like hundreds of years ago when they tried to enter Space Wolves air space and left with their tales between their legs.

Seriously, great game Farmpunk. thank you for playing me finally.  Your vehicles were hard to take down.

What I learned:

*I still hate Dawn of War. It goes against my army build in so many ways.
*Trust my insticts on a 12" charge. 
*Not shooting with the scouts and just charging made a huge difference!
*Think about a dozer blade for my Razorback.
*Ragnar is still a bad dude.

To my opponent:

@Should have shot the wolfguard instead of the Thunderwolves. In cover and with 1 Storm shield you wouldn't have even killed 1 model.
@Should have stayed in the Rhino. Your were close to the objective and I wouldn't have got to you so easy in the middle.
@Don't enter the board thru difficult terrain with vehicles. :)
@You played a great game! Space Wolves are tough.

Thanks again to Farmpunk, a scholar and gentlemen among thieves and crooks.


  1. So the Sisters were beaten Doggy-Style?

  2. idk, im more or less wondering why there are so many shots of farmpunks crotch. ooohh!!! and one of mine. hehe.

  3. Well,

    The game was very good. He liked it though!

  4. That's what they always say. ;)

  5. I probably should have tried to use my platoon for bubble wrap protection a bit more. It's too bad they couldn't kill a single marine in 1 turn of CC.

    It also would have made a difference if I'd been able to SEE Ragnar's rhino during my turn1. Having the rhino lit with spotlights, and then Ragnar's squad lit with spotlights would have made a big difference.

    Longfangs are a Pain. no, really.
    I was very pleased to be shutting down most of your psychic abilities. esp. making the 5+ to nullify Jaws.

    I look forward to a rematch.

  6. That nullify was awesome! That would have really made things difficult. Great game.


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