Monday, September 15, 2014

Stand By For Titanfall.... Without The Titans

by SandWyrm

Promises Promises...

by SandWyrm

I'd rant about this, but let's be honest. The surprise isn't in GW breaking this promise, it's that it took them so long to break it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It is your Destiny.

By CaulynDarr
Bet you though this would be an X-Wing post.
I picked up Destiny for the 360 last night, then spent 7 straight hours playing it.  The most succinct way to describe it would be a MMO version of Halo.    Which you may take as being a very good thing, or a very very bad thing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Taste Of The 3D Printed Future...

by SandWyrm

I've talked before of how an old college chum of mine was playing around with 3D printing. Well, he's perfected his technique now, and is using his filament printer to create custom toys based on his own artwork. I'd figured on him resin-casting from printed masters, but he's printing all the parts up on the printer in batches instead.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mind Blown: POV Shuttle Launch Video

by SandWyrm

Skywalker Sound did the audio mix. You DO NOT want to miss this!

I'll Just Leave This Here...

by SandWyrm

Now if only I liked Star Trek: Attack Wing... Oh well.

Gav Thorpe Is Making A What?

by SandWyrm

There's an Inception joke hiding in there somewhere, I just know it!
While forcing myself to finally learn the full wonders of Twitter, I stumbled upon what GW Alum Gav Thorpe is up to these days. It seems that Gav is creating a fantasy wargame... on a computer... that looks like a tabletop fantasy wargame. There's an Inception joke hiding in there somewhere, I just know it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Brighthouse Responds (Sort Of)

by SandWyrm

I'll say this, Brighthouse Networks (BHN) cares about its reputation (unlike some game companies we all know). Within 12 hours of my last post on only being able to access Netflix through a VPN the other night, I received an email from Gary Doda, a BHN forums manager. Gary is anxious to communicate his company's side of the story, up to a point. But while I'll admit that the issue is more complex than I initially thought, my own stance is largely unchanged.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Screw You Brighthouse!!!

by SandWyrm

So I try to connect to Netflix tonight, and either nothing comes up, or I get an error message saying that Netflix is having a problem. This persists for over an hour.

Suspicious, I then I connect to a VPN service, which encrypts my connection so that my ISP (Brighthouse) can't tell who I'm connecting to. Wanna guess what happens?

Netflix comes right up.

X-Wing: How It Plays

by SandWyrm

After reading Oakenhawk's comments for my post on Star Trek Armada, I realized that I never got around to doing a similar introductory post on how X-Wing plays. Shame on me! Here it is!

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