Thursday, March 4, 2010

V Is For Vendettas... Finished!

by SandWyrm


Now I know why Vendettas and Valks aren't a more common sight on the battlefield. Not only are they about 3x more complicated than a Chimera to put together, but they're a real bear to paint as well. 

I tried to save some time by using an enamel spray as my base color coat. Instead of my usual method where I undercoat with enamel and apply color with airbrushed acrylics. Big mistake. It led to all sorts of problems with the Minwax wash not wanting to stick and the decals not wanting to apply properly. I won't do that again!

Still, for all the extra work, these turned out very nice. I went with the green instead of my usual desert camo scheme because, in the fluff, they're affiliated with the Imperial Navy and not the Guard units they support. So I mimicked a U.S. Air Force look with plenty of accumulated desert dirt on the undercarriages. It also fits my general theme, which can best be described as a Tallarn (Arab) armored division that has support from other, more advanced Imperial (U.S.) troops and advisors. When I put Stormtroopers in the Vendettas, it looks perfect. :)

Anyway, enjoy the pics. The lascannons BTW, are from the Forge World conversion kit.



  Yeah, I got a rear door backwards. Oh well.



  1. I don't even play guard and I'm jealous... that's some good looking support you have there.

  2. These look really good. For some reason, one well-painted model looks nice, but two or more just seems to look more than twice as good :D BTW, how did you do the lens effects? Is it water effects or gloss coat?

  3. Valks sure do look pretty when they are all finished up, though. And I totally agree on the complexity of the model- I think it took me about 3 hours to assemble, 2 hours to magnetize and about 5 hours to paint the damn things... and that wasn't with even close to the level of detail that you've got!

    Also agree on the enamel spray problem- it led to my GW washes looking all streaky. At some point I'll invest in a spray brush...

  4. To do the lenses I just painted them black with a red gradient that got more intense towards the bottom of the lens. I then covered the whole thing with the Citadel gloss coat.

    The gloss coat also saved my when my matte coat spray clouded up the cockpit windows. :)

  5. Rockin'! I made my lascannon mounts from good ole' Cadian Lascannons and bits of sprue (I'm cheap, what can I say). I'll have to try out that lens technique of yours next time.

    I had a devil of a time with glue fogging up the insides of the canopies on mine, though; how'd you manage to keep it so clear?

  6. I used epoxy. :)

    Gloss coat might make them transparent again. It worked for me.

  7. I'm going to have to get some of that gloss coat, as those lenses are stunning! Good job mate.

  8. I use Future Floor polish to get my immolator canopies to look more like glass.

    it's a recommendation from airplane hobbyists.

    I've found it also does a good job covering up cyanoacrylate glue mishaps and glue fingerprints.

  9. Pretty.... one of these days we'll have to throw down some Apoc rules so I can bring out my Raven/Nightwings out for a proper dog fight.

  10. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    When do we get to see the whole family?

  11. I've got some Stormtrooper meltas to finish before I show off my official 1750 force.

  12. Very nice jets mate! I think the backwards door adds some character, tbh.

    I recently painted mine too. Once I've based them I'll get them up on my blog too.

  13. Beautiful looking paint jobs. I can almost hear your groan when you saw the door on backwards - but no one will notice but you anyway =D They look fantastic.


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