Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Love Grenades!

By Outremer

I've been too busy/out of town the last few weeks to make it to my regular Monday night game.  Was able to meet up with Totengraber this week for a shit's and giggles game and was absolutely blown away by who my MVP units were!

Totengraber brought his Tau and after trying to put together something at least semi -competitive for Nova I felt like just throwing together a bunch of Chaos stuff that I thought would be fun.  I was really looking forward to trying out my Daemon prince now that he's a flying monsterous creature (you mean I may actually have a chance to swoop across the table and get into combat without getting shot to pieces?!), as well as my new Blight drone.  I'm trying to get over my fanatical love for all things rotten and pus ridden by geting away from the Mono-Nurgle builds, so I ended up with just one squad of Plague marines escorting a sorcerer and three squads of  bog standard Chaos marines for troops.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to finish the game.  What shocked me though, was just how much havoc my Chaos marines caused.  My ac/las Predator couldn't hit a thing, but the marines ended up downing 5 vehicles all by themselves with kraks!  Granted, they won't be taking out any really heavy armor that way, but seeing them mow through light armor was crazy.  We even double checked the grenade rules because it just seemed too good!  So, i've discovered something else really cool about 6th. . .

It's official. . . I love me some grenades!



  1. Yep, grenades are very nice. I think a lot of marine players will find that they can save some points on the anti mech and just use their grenades.

  2. wish i had awesome tank cracking

  3. Great to have indeed. Though I always forget to have someone throw one during shooting.

  4. lol, I had some alpha legionnaires throw grenades last night (and later on a some space puppies returned in kind), was the first time since what...2nd ed? No vehicles were harmed, but the novelty of the idea was quite amusing!

  5. When you start throwing plasma grenades with BS7, it tends to get hilarious.

    Grenades are pretty intense, and... well... yeah. That's about it.

  6. I was doing well that game...destroyed a few Rhinos on turn 1...did a little more on turn 2...then it went to hell when your marines assaulted my vehicles and threw grenades into the engines. Gah!! Too bad we didn't get to watch your army finish decimating mine that evening.

    Grenades are pretty awesome. I'll have to start remembering to use them when I next have a marine army (still debating DA, Minotaurs or SW).

  7. Curious: are you talking about assaulting with grenades, or throwing them? One grenade per unit in the shooting phase doesn't seem like it would make a huge difference... assaults seem like the only place grenades are worth anything.


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