Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who Wants To Trade For Some Blood Angels?

by Sandwyrm

I got to see the new Dark Vengeance set opened last night at the FLGS... and I want 2. Who wants to trade me for my Sanguinary Guard army?

Here's what I've got to offer:

Brand new, this Sanguinary Guard army would cost $422. Plus it's already assembled. All you have to do is paint it.
  1. Dante (Metal w/Plastic Jump Pack)
  2. Mephiston (Metal w/Plastic Sword & Jump Pack)
  3. 2 Jump Pack Sanguinary Priests
  4. 25 Sanguinary Guard
    • 3 Axe/Bolter
    • 2 Axe/Infernus
    • 2 Fist/Bolter
    • 7 Sword/Bolter
    • 1 Sword/Bolter w/Chapter Banner
    • 6 Sword/Infernus
    • 4 Axe/Infernus
  5. 6 Speeders
    • 4 Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer
    • 2 Typhoon Missile Launcher/Heavy Bolter
Minus Mephiston, it's enough for a nice 2000 point list. Add in Mephiston and it comes to 2250 points.

Cool Death Masks and Sanguinary Shoulder-pads on the speeder crews.


It all comes in a nice red-painted GW case. I'll also throw in whatever SG bits I have left like the plasma arm-pistols.

I'm looking for either 2 Dark Vengeance sets or 1 DV set and some Germans (Marders, Wespes, and/or 8-Rads) for Flames of War. Cash is an option too. :)

My email is keith@goreham.net if you don't want to post a public comment.

Who wants to trade?

UPDATE: Hulksmash and I made a deal. So no more inquiries please. :)


  1. The DV set is very nice. I'm thinking about getting a second one myself. I have far to many blood angel stuff as it is. I still need to finish assembling some of mine....

    A shame we don't get to see the emo-wing fully painted.

    1. I just haven't been able to bring myself to paint it. The army is fun, but it doesn't excite me anymore. :(

      Those Chaos cultists on the other hand...

  2. You should still have my number, text me. I'm interested :)

  3. Really, going back to the evil empire but I guess that the opposition (FoW) has already shown the same tendencies as rulers.

    1. The evil empire makes nice models. :)

      Right now I'm just planning to play M42 and Necromunda with the Chaos troops while I read the not-huge mini rulebook. If the new Chaos codex doesn't suck... well, we'll see.

  4. I thought you were done, finished and over 40k forever. I totally predicted that you would do this but secretly hoped that you would not. so much for having conviction and ideals :)


    1. That's a load of bull. When did I ever say I was done with 40K? If I had been, I would have sold off my angels (and Tau, and remaining IG) months ago for cash.

      I complained about ambiguous rules, and was waiting for the Faqs and a cheaper rulebook. Both of which have now dropped. The only surprise is that I'm starting up Chaos. The models for which I'll be using for 3 games.

    2. SandWyrm, that is almost verbatim my rationale about 6th Edition. I don't dislike it, but I've been waiting for some of the really wonky rules to be FAQ'd and some of the dust to settle, and have been having a blast with Dust Warfare in the interim. Dark Vengeance is here (somewhat, still waiting for my Standard Edition boxes to arrive...), I'll start back into 40K.

    3. There was no reason for me to run out and drop $80 on an unfinished product (6th ed rules). Now that 40K 6th ed has a cheap rulebook, and FAQ's... I'm much more likely to put models on the table for what GW describes as an Elite Beer and Prezels experience.

      Simply put... There are much more affordable wargame options out there, with much better written rules. GW is simply the oldest, and largest (probably in large part because of how long they've been around).
      I don't see the point of rushing our to buy a new computer when the OS isn't finished for it yet, and I know there will be much more affordable versions coming. (Probably why I don't have an iPhone)
      I don't feel the need to rush out and buy an overpriced, unfinished version of 40K.

      Besides, I find Flames of War to be a much better game, and much better value. I happen to have a bunch of 40K stuff. I will probably play with it sometimes, but most likely for Beer and Pretzels. I don't have the money or desire to keep up with trying to stay competitive. (unless I buy some FotM Marines. bleh.)

    4. @Skarboy

      I still don't expect to play 6th competitively like I used to. The rules have been specifically designed to make that a difficult experience. So I'm simply going to accept that and try to enjoy the game, to whatever extent I can, for what it is now instead of what it used to be. If that means playing once a month and not buying all that much, well... that's GW's loss. Like I said, I have other potential uses for the minis besides this game.

  5. Im interested in trading for your BA's
    I have two DA: limited ed. Box sets NIB
    Jpacka@ hotmail.com

  6. One nice thing about the mini rulebook is: it's in full color. Woo!


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