Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Tale of Terrain and Cleavage. . .

By Outremer

I've been in a hobby funk for a couple of months. . . think getting everything ready for Nova burnt me out a bit.  The old creative juices have been flowing again and I've been trying to spend at least an hour or two working on projects everyday.  Here's a big steaming pile of what I've been up to!  And no, the cleavage isn't just a ploy to pull you in. . . there really are boobs after the jump!

My family moved to a new apartment last month.  With the birth of our second child last summer the old two bedrooms just wasn't cutting it anymore.  We moved into a three bedroom townhome with a couple hundred more square feet.  The coolest part?  I actually have a hobby room instead of a "hobby corner of the dining room"!

Seriously. . . that tabletop was all the space I had.  The computer desk and dining room table were usually covered with my stuff.  Now I have shelves. . . SHELVES!  My space looks like a bomb has gone off at the moment. . . no judging!

The other cool part of having a hobby room?  I have space for a gaming table!

This bad boy is actually the test run for the Indy open tables.  Spag was kind enough to leave it at my place so I can play in the comfort of my own home.  The fact that he can also play in the comfort of my home has nothing to do with it!   :)
My wife actually brought warm peanut butter cookies up during a game with Totengraber a few weeks ago. . . now that's luxury!

Now that I have a table I need some terrain. . .


We also had a terrain making day for the Indy open the weekend before last.  We're looking to make our own terrain for half the tables this year.  This is the first of the thirty two ruins I need to make.

And here's the rest of the first batch i'm currently working on.

Also trying to get my army together for the Indy open.  Here's some Havocs I put together a few weeks ago.

Four autocannons for 115 points?  Hell yes!

And a commision piece i'm working on.

Here's the boobs!  A friend of mine bought this fella off ebay and asked me to make some changes to it.  He wants to use it with his Sisters of battle for a counts as Chaos army.  I'm really digging the corrupted sister "daemon princess" idea.  This is new territory for me in terms of sculpting. . . we'll see how it goes.  I actually pulled it almost completely apart in order to clean it up.  It was mostly stuck together with lumps of some kind of grey modelling compound with no attention to blending the parts together and most of the mold lines untouched.    The boobs don't look too bad and I can already tell that getting the head right is going to be a nightmare. . . but I need to learn how to sculpt heads/faces.

I'm really hoping to spend a lot more time working on sculpting, scratch building, and conversions in the near future.  I have plans for two heldrake conversions. . . just waiting on bits in the mail.

I'm feeling really motivated to get some stuff knocked out. . . expect some regular updates in the next few weeks!


  1. Nice job, I'm doing a lot more sculpting lately. You need to be careful - it gets really addictive once you get used it. Even the simplest project can become "Maybe one Small change..." before it's a full out conversion. Also, same warning for the terrain - very addictive!

    1. Ya, I can very easily see myself with ten times the terrain I need to fill a table. As for sculpting and conversion work. . . i'm already addicted to it. I think every model in my army has some kind of conversion. I just can't take anything out of the box and use it. . . it has to have half a pound of green stuff and plasticard stuck on before i'm happy!

  2. He he he... Nice work!

    I'll be in some corner... building a field...


  3. nice boobs :).

    Havocs are looking sweet. I guess autocannons from I.G sprue?

    1. They look like the Sentinel Autocannons to me.

    2. Actually, they are chaos heavy bolters with autocannon barrels and ammo drums. I think they are IG autocannon parts? I used some left over parts from the AC Dreadnought arms I replaced on Spag's grey knights and an aegis defense line AC.

  4. Well it took a while, but I finally got past the first picture!

    Evil sisters of battle, I likey!

    1. Hehe. . . took me a while to get that image. Try doing a google image search for cleavage. Took me twenty minutes to break out of the "wall of boobies" trance and another ten to clean up the puddle of drool!

  5. Good job! I like the sculpting you're doing. The new digs are pretty sweet, too.

  6. Maybe too late for your terrain and less able to construction line build loads but don't forget I've got my .pdf templates for terrain, ruins and buildings available here:

  7. I like the terrain you are making and the Daemon prince is cool. Does that go with the sisters?

  8. Oh I see. The Marines gets mesmerized staring at the daemon's chest and then she tears them apart. Very clever cleavage!

  9. BOOBS! Are they going to be armoured boobs, or are they just going to swing there, pendulous and free?

  10. Yanno, trying to grab attention with a leading picture of boobs is not only passe but puerile. Poor form and that makes your whole article not worth reading.


out dang bot!

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