Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Interesting 40K Scale Comparisons

by SandWyrm

Here's a couple of quick scale comparisons that I find amusing. :)

At 1:64 (28mm) Scale, a standard 6x4 game table is just 1/2 of an inch wider than the flight deck of the USS Enterprise (above). The deck itself would be about 16 feet long. Which is, you know, big. But doable if you wanted to model the ship as a games table.

The 40K-scale wingspan of the F-18 fighter-bombers it carries would be 7.8 inches.

 The 40K-scale wingspan of an E-3 Hawkeye is about 15".


  1. I've seen this several places. When did 1/64 become 28mm?

    I grew up collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, all marked as 1/64 scale diecast cars.

    28mm is a little too small to use with 1/48 scale models. I've read that 28mm would be closer to 1/50 to 1/56 scale.


    1. GW doesn't really follow it's own scale very well, as their miniatures have crept up in size over time. But 'officially', 28mm is 1:64. Just as 15mm is officially 1:100.

      If you've ever tried kit-bashing standard model kits for making 40K stuff, you'll find that they're all either 1:32, 1:48, or 1:72. Looking at the people figs they come with, 1:48 is obviously too big, while 1:72 is obviously too small. 40K is solidly in-between these at an official scale of 1:64, and an unofficial scale that's probably more like 1:55.

    2. You should never use Wikipedia as a source.

  2. II really do not think most matchbox/hot wheels cars are really at 1:64 scale. Average car would be 2.5-3 inches long and almost 1 inch high. I think that they are really closer to 1:100.

  3. More interesting thing to me is a pistol can only shoot 4/5 or so of an f18..... heck I could THROW a bullet that far

    1. hopefully not at lethal speeds! :P

    2. At true 1:64, the effective range of a pistol is actually about 24". Or slightly over half the width of the Enterprise's flight deck.


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