Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adepticon destroys last year's records!

By Spaguatyrine

AdeptiCon Registration

So I met a couple of buddies from church at BW3 to watch the 1st half of the Monday Night Football game then the plan was to go home and sign up for the Warhammer 40k Championship Qualifiers.  I got home to register and the problem was....

There were only 3 tickets when I hit the pay now button.  I thought, seriously it has been less than 2.5 hours and there is only 3 tickets left. I was excited because at least I wouldn't have to be on the wait list like last year.  I hit confirm and my browser came back sold out!  I missed the last ticket by 10 seconds.  I am pretty sure I will make the list as their will be cancellations.  Check this out:

The Team Tournament sold out in 53 minutes! 

The Championship Qualifiers sold out in 2:25 minutes!

There are other events that sold out as well. This is an amazing response from the 40k community to show up when the bell rung for Adepticon.

Great job to Matt and his team for creating an exciting buzz for the Midwest!

I will be attending Adepticon with hopefully many from our gaming group.  I hope to play in the Championships, The Team Tournament where we will attempt to be the first team ever to repeat as back to back winners, and maybe 1 more event. 

If you want to play in an official Adepticon primer event here in Indianapolis check it out here at The Indy Open.


  1. Good for Adepticon! I missed out last year because the tickets sold out in a few hours too.

    Are we going to switch the Indy Open to 1500 points so that we match Adepticon? Kinda hard to call it a primer otherwise. :)

  2. I'm thinking about going for the FoW Early War Nationals. Should be a good time, need to start saving my lunch money...

    1. I could be up for doing that. Adepticon is a lot of fun all around.

  3. Where do you see 1500? I am looking at saw 1850.

  4. My mistake. Didn't see that the qualifiers had moved to Thursday instead of Friday.

    How about 1850 then?

  5. Yeah... it has been a bit crazy. Just starting to calm down now. I should have the wait list info compiled and posted later this afternoon. Aaron and Nick are both near the top for the 40K Champs. Given how previous the previous wait lists have gone, I'd expect you'll get in without much trouble. The WFB Champs sold out in about 5.5 hours and has the longest wait list so far. Warmachine is staring to go too.

    We all took bets on how fast certain events would go this year. I was conservative and gave the 40K Champs 3 whole days because of it switching to Thursday. Man was I wrong.

    Excited to have the Indy Open run the missions through the wringer. Once reg has settled a bit, I'll run a news item and see about getting it included in one of our Constant Contact blasts.

  6. I am going to sign up for another event. Either combat patrol of Gladiators. haven't decided yet.

  7. Have heart! I already got my ticket from being on the waiting list.

  8. If it's so damn big why not add another building?


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