Saturday, June 8, 2013

A callout to Chicago-land gaming

by Anonymous Foodie

So here's the deal, kids.  Since last Summer (which, unfortunately, failed miserably) I've been looking at moving up to Chicago.  This time around things are looking far more feasible (see what more than a month of planning can do for you?).  All I need now is affordable rent and a job that pays halfway decent.... oy...

So here's my question - how's the gaming community up in the Windy City?  As most here probably know, I'm definitely more of a casual gamer.  Game nights at a local shop or just with a group of friends wherever we can find a table (fun fact, I may actually have space for my 4x4 still!).  My work schedule rarely allows for a full Saturday tournament (or anything much on a Saturday) but that may actually be changing, job dependent.

I know of two game stores (Wanderer's Refuge and Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo) on the northside, both of which I'm planning to check out at some point.  Of course, early praise/warnings are always welcome on that front.  The sad part is, aside from an hour bus trip, I can't seem to track down any way of getting a game in if I were living on the southside (Pilsen/Bridgeport area).  Considering that these areas are notably cheaper there's a moderate chance I'll end up there, but I'd be sorely remiss if I couldn't find anyone to push around my little dollies with.

So, for all you locals, or just those who've gamed in the area, can you give me the scoop on either of those stores?  Are there any groups/clubs scattered around that are worth knowing about?

And hey, if you have a lead on cheap rent or a good hospitality job, I'm all ears.


  1. Chicago is pretty easy to find 40k games. Check out . There is a group of us who play regularly in the south suburbs too, if you have a car.

  2. You'll probably be fine, Foodie. There's lots of small shops, mid-size GW stores, and the Bunker is generally active.

    Chicago is a graveyard competitively though by comparison to Indianapolis. There's the monthly AWC-Series tournament at the Bunker (hamstrung by having to comply with GW rules to have it in the Bunker, in my opinion) and absolutely nothing other than that. And last I heard, the AWC-Series doesn't even hand out results-based prizes anymore in order to try to attract new players. I've been living up here for almost a year and attended zero tournaments in the area; I have to drive back to Indy or up to Wisconsin (Madison is great) to get in tournaments.

    It could be that Adepticon burns everyone out, but a majority of the guys running the 40k events at Adepticon aren't from Chicago in the first place; they're from central Illinois, which seems to have a more Indy/Cincy/Madison-level competitive scene.

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  4. I'm going to try my hand at not having a car for a bit... depending on where I find myself parking (even at home) could be just another expense to add to the list.

    @Redbeard13 - I think I've stumbled over that group before, but I didn't dig into it too much... I'll get it a solid look-over today... thanks!

    @Dodger3 - Any specifics on these small stores? That's really all I"m looking for, but I've only been able to look up 2 (again, both north side) and the Bunker (which is a bit of a ride no matter where I'll be). Unless I end up in Austin or something. Oh the vagaries of life...


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