Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So You're Interested In X-Wing: Part 2

by SandWyrm

Well, looks like my last article on X-Wing got SynSinn and Uberdark to buy in. I'm starting to get questions about what to buy, so I'll put off the discussion of X-Wing's gameplay in favor of showing you three decent lists that you can build off of the starter set.

Some of the upgrade cards I'll mention can only be gotten by purchasing ships not in these lists, but you can reference this wiki page to find out what comes with which expansion:

I'm going to use the X-Wing Squadron Builder to make these lists. It's a really good tool. Better even than EasyArmy. You'll need a Facebook account to use it, but it's free and fully describes what's on each card.

You'll need 3 X-Wings for this one, and Wedge only comes in the blister, not the starter set. Minimum startup cost: $70 (Starter + 2 X-Wings)

Biggs is the bullet catcher. Luke can take his critical hits, while R2 will regenerate his shields. Wedge is the killer here, and I've given him both an engine upgrade (add a boost action) and 'Push The Limit' (receive a stress to perform a 2nd action) so that he can always get into the position he needs.

This is a nasty list that's super-simple to play. The Falcon has a turret, so all you have to do is fly around and kill one tie a turn. Do they concentrate fire on the Falcon first? Or the X-Wings? It's a pain either way. Tie Interceptors will hate you. Regular Tie Swarms are your bane.

Minimum startup cost: $85 (Starter + Falcon + X-Wing)

This is my favorite list. It's simple, effective, and requires no upgrades. Fell and Turr are your elite killers. They zoom around the edges of the enemy while the Academy Ties run straight in.

Minimum startup cost: $100 (Starter + 2 Tie Fighters + 2 Tie Interceptors)

Gotta go play some X-Wing now...


CaulynDarr annihilated my 2 A-Wing/2-B-Wing rebel list tonight with this:

The Tie Fighters swarm about and do most of the work. While the shuttle moves forward as slow as possible. Firing away with its Heavy Laser Cannons. Taking advantage of the fact that you don't get an extra defense die against secondary weapons at range-3. Ouch! 

It's a good counter to the Han list.

Minimum starting cost: $115 (Starter + 3 Tie Fighters + Imperial Shuttle)


  1. I like this generator which makes you random lists based on the collection you input having:

  2. My new Tie Fighter and X Wing Blisters were at the post office today, in fact.
    I'm looking over the Tie now- one lousy Focus Token.
    Can I get a spare peg up in here? Cuz I lost one from the Starter set, I think...
    But I suppose the new pilots and 'Swarm Tactics' are gonna be worth it.

    Seriously, though- where do I get spare pegs?
    I'm sure I'll need more of those.
    This stuff will see some use this weekend, in fact.

    I still blame you.

    1. Oh, and now I need one of those Shuttles, thank you very much....And Interceptors, too...

    2. Dunno about buying extra pegs, but once you have more ships than you can use at one time, it won't be a big deal. I've got a couple that are cracked, but I just swap them out. Ditto with tokens.

    3. Shuttles are actually on sale here at my FLGS. $20 each.

      They must be the only models that aren't selling. Because the stock on the X-Wing shelf keeps shrinking every week. They keep the assault wing stuff on the bottom of that shelf, and it's slowly creeping up to cover the gaps. :)

  3. A buddy of mine got me into X-Wing last year. We sat down last week and went through out stock and found that we had everything except Slave 1 and the Millennium Falcon (we're trying to avoid named ships, but we've run out). Now I'm talking to another buddy who's going to Adepticon this year with a true Tie Swarm- nothing but TIEs! I keep trying to talk him into getting at least an advanced or a single interceptor, but he wants numbers.
    Why am I thinking about HIS squadron? Man, this game is addictive! Of course, I also play the Attack Wing version too. Okay, I may have a problem...

    1. I got to try a little Attack Wing this past weekend, because I bought the starter for a friend who's a Trek-Nut. Meh...

      The models aren't as nice, of course, but I was hoping the game might be interesting. It wasn't.

      Starter rules are worse than XW's. Enterprise-D versus named Klingon whatchamacallit was the most boring battle ever. Both ships moved like an Imperial Shuttle. Each had 4 or 5 shots, but just one evasion die. Blast away until shields are down, then strip hull points. Totally luck-based, and the battles didn't last long enough to have any sort of dog-fight. "Why am I moving?" is what my friend had to say.

      I ended up pulling out my X-Wing stuff to show him what multiple-ship fights *might* be like in ST:AW. But that just highlighted how cheap and rushed the Attack Wing stuff seemed. We played 4 games of XW and had a lot more fun. :)

  4. I was just gonna play Rebel alliance. Then the other day, I did a bad thing. Kids, I told Mrs Uber I was ordering just $70 worth. Which was true. At first............. So $200 later and no one tells Mrs. Uber about my "splurge". Hehe. I'm looking at you Wrymy or I tell the wife about the big purchase a few years ago. :P

    1. "He said what? Naw baby. That's nuts. I would never do that..."

    2. " I'd never do that. Besides, I've LONG since covered my tracks on that one...."

    3. Thus why I have a secret gaming credit card. Shhhhhhhhh


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