Friday, April 18, 2014

Had To Check The Math Twice, But... Wow.

by SandWyrm

Saw this fail on BoLS today, but L' Astropate had a much better picture of it. What I find particularly amusing is that all of the tools, bought separately, cost less than the GW "Limited Edition" tool set.

$141 (a la cart) vs. $150

There's a four pound a la cart discount for those across the pond. Which, at today's exchange rate, means that us Yanks are charged a bit more for the set relative to the individual prices. Or discounted more on the individual items. Depending on how you want to look at it. :)

That's funny in and of itself. But just for extra giggles, let's check out Micro-Mark's prices on these tools:

Professional Sprue Cutter: $19.25 (versus $30)

X-Acto Knife (with GASP!... changeable blades): $4.95 (versus $25)

(much better) Seam Scraper: $15.25 (versus $17)

Ball-Head Pin Vise (2nd from top): $14.35 (versus $26)

Not even the cheapest available option. But I like the ball grip.

12-Piece Sculpting Tool Set: $10.65 (versus $25 for just 3 tools)

12-Piece Needle-File Set: $10.70 (versus $18 for just 2 files)

Grand Total: $75.15 ($86.10 with Shipping)

So for almost exactly half of what GW is charging, you can buy equivalent tools. Plus 9 more sculpting tools, and 10 more needle files.

Who buys "Limited Edition" hobby tools anyhow? What? They're gonna be collectable or something? Are you just gonna stare at them, maybe set up a display, instead of using them to model with?

Someone is buying this crap, right?


  1. I guess GW are taking advantage of the demise of Model Zone.

  2. This is why everyone should take a periodic trip to Hobbytown, or Hobby Lobby, or Whatever your local model train / plane / rocket shop.
    Typically so much more affordable.
    Heck, check out the GaleForce9 stuff at least.

  3. lol, indeed, our FLGS IS a Hobbytown. Also, the reason the 'limited edition set' is more than ala carte is it has a 'citadel' canvas bag-thing to tote those uberly expensive waste of hobby tools around in...

  4. Any item that is marked "collectible / Limited Edition" is usually not...


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