Friday, June 25, 2010

Indy 40K pics

By: farmpunk

pics for you! I went to the first Indy 40K tournament last weekend, and here are some teaser pics of the armies. I didn't get everyone's names, and I'm feeling like I've missed a few armies. It seems like there were more people there to me. I'll put in some names, and you guys can help me with the rest.

my WH force, I will put up a list with the battle reports

J Lay's pure Sisters force (my first game)

Aaron B's SpaceMarines (my 4th game)

CalyunDarr's Mech Eldar
Chad B's Chaos! I think

Archfiend of Dezdemon (EvilTed)'s Ork trukk convoy (my 3rd game)

Blood Angels. Check out that StormRaven!

 Curt G's Nids

 Eric's Orks

TheGraveMind's Tyranids 

Metrosh's IG mech force

Carlos' fast nids (my second game)

Overall, I had a good time. I won my first, lost my second, Won my third, and won my fourth games. of the 13, I came in 6th (which I'm still trying to figure out) I thought 3W 1L would have put me higher. Then again, I don't for certain know how pairings were made.
I faced:
JLay's Sisters of Battle (Win)
Carlos' Nids (loss)
EvilTed's Orks (Win)
Aaron B's Marines (Win)

Carlos did thump me really bad though. Probably worse then I thumped the people who placed above me. Carlos got first with a perfect win record, though. 4 for 4. I think his matchings were:
Joe A's IG
farmpunk's WH
TheGraveMind's Nids
I don't remember right now who Carlos faced for his 3rd game. My head was spinning from my dice shutting off during our game. Like, failing to hit with 80% of my shots, and then failing to wound most of the ones that hit bad, then turning around and failing 75% of my armor saves the next turn bad. it was horrible.
but I had a good day, and got some good games in. I like the missions for the most part. The only mission I wasn't crazy about was a capture the prisoner mission, and it didn't matter how the mission was. I played Carlos, and my dice quit on me.

I'll do some battle reports for the games I took pics of. I've got pics of most of the games. I might have gotten sketchy on my last two games (I tend to start forgetting late in the day).


  1. I'm glad I did well in my games, cause I felt horrible about my army looks. I pretty much had the worst looking models there.
    And how did you get 6th with 3 wins and a loss? I had two wins, a draw, and a loss, and came in 5th.

  2. I'm kind of wondering if the points for EvilTed and I got switched. That might explain it.

  3. I had my typical bad dice in 3 of my games, and horribly awful dice in my final game.

    Three of my games came down to who had the tertiary objective. One game I tied because my opponent had a guy with his little toe into my deployment zone. Two I lost because I was playing orks and they had so much more stuff than me that, when it came down to board control, I couldn't compete.

  4. <- Joe A. Gravemind, half of mine weren't painted haha. Carlos definately dominated me in the first game. I think this system of rankings maybe goes win-loss, then from there to determine the final rank position it's using the battle points? Not sure, just a guess. I was 3-1

  5. I also went 3-1. Came in third place. All my games were great and very close. Even the game I lost, seemed to have plenty of things up in the air till the last round or two.

    CaulynDarr, I have to say our two games were definately the most back and forth games I've played against Eldar, and it still shocks me how well those Rokkit Buggies did.

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  7. I was going back over the score cards, and it appears that Mr. Farmpunk marked himself down for a loss in game 4. I didn't notice it at the time, until you mentioned it to me. You should have placed 3rd (5 battle points above evilTed).

  8. Wienas,

    Sorry I missed it! I will definitely be at the next one! Looked fun!

  9. Yeah, I wish I could have gone.


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