Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reader Question: Color Theory and Citadel Paints

by SandWyrm


I just discovered your blog through SandWyrm's excellent series on color theory.  I enjoyed it immensely and will now have to try some Analogous and Complementary harmony (I always wondered why my color combinations never
quite satisfied me).

My question is: how does the untrained eye discern where individual citadel
paints fall on the color wheel and determine analogous hues?  Is there a
table somewhere that shows this or is it simply something that you have to
play with until it 'feels right'?

Thanks for any help,


Oh, are you lucky.

I had to learn to see the hues in any color by painting chart after chart of hue/saturation triangles. Then I had to paint self portraits using each of the various color harmonies. Then it took 10 more years of working for it to really sink in.

But since you're not in one of my color classes, I can't torture you. So I'll just have to make a chart that you can save and reference.

Click on the chart for a larger version. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm not charting out the foundation paints or the washes. You can do that yourself! :P


  1. Once again Sandwyrm you have given something awesome to the community.

    Regarding the close relationship of Dwarf Flesh to Gore Red and Scab Red. Would it be better to use Dwarf Flesh to lighten the reds rather than bleached bone?


  2. @MOD

    It depends.

    If you want to stay within the Red hue, then yes, dwarf flesh would be better. But dwarf flesh is fairly light and desaturated. So I'd mix it (or white) with the blood or scab red so that your resulting highlight color matches the base color.

  3. Wow, looks like GW are missing out on a HUGE area of the wheel between scab red and liche purple

  4. Yep.

    GW's not the only manufacturer with that problem though. Most are still providing solutions based on the old traditional color wheels that compress those missing ranges. There's only a couple of newer manufacturers that are addressing that lack.

  5. I am afraid to ask how long this took but I think you just added more to the hobby then all the gw hobby articles and books combined...

    Thanks for such an excellent response and opening my eyes to the world of color!

    (please more)

  6. It only took a couple of hours, as I was able to use the color swatches from off of the GW site (fair use guys!).

  7. Excellent and informative blog. Thanks for posting this. It’s informative and enlightening. Keep up the good work.
    Color Expert

  8. I wish this article was tagged color theory too. Often when I go looking at A Little Color Theory III, I end up wanting to come find this chart too, and I have to go digging through the painting tags.


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