Monday, January 7, 2013

Behold! A Finished Exodite Army

by SandWyrm

Korona sent us some pics today of his finished Exodite army, which I helped him choose the color scheme for last year. Have a look!

Korona Wrote:
"Hey Sandwyrm

You helped me out about a year ago with a colour scheme for my exodite Dark Eldar.  I figured you might like to take a peek at how they've turned out:

Sorry for the poor lighting quality - hope you enjoy!

Cheers man,

SandWyrm's Reply:

Awesome job Korona! It looks amazing. Prepare to be drowned in compliments. :)


  1. I like the color scheme, but am disappoint in the lack of dwagons[sic].

    1. There's a Void Dragon, you just can't see it. ;)

    2. I wanted one but there's nothing that's really suitable to proxy it in for. Maybe a deamon prince would work okay but I want to use Eldar as the allies since it lets me take farseers and pathfinders that fit the theme of the list so nicely.

    3. I like the paint job a lot and actually like the effects but if the title didn't say Exodite I'd have just put them down as something else.

      I actually think it looks like a Wood Elf army in space! Considering I love WE's I don't actually mind that one bit lol!

      I've thought of doing a Exodite army myself before, the biggest thing was the dragon's / dragon riders (which give it a distinct feel of being exoditish)

      Given that High Elves have one (or two?) units with Dragon emblems adorned all over them that was one of my go to points. Then there the were the Dark Elves that also have the cold one riders (and then the foot guys that have the "cold one cloaks" that look scaled like). They were bits I liked for conversion.

      While the flying bases would not be appropriate - I thought of cold ones for jet bikes.

      I was going to straight up use Dragons to represent the "flying tanks" like Ravagers - with some form of straps + a little bit of belief over the fact that dragons had fire breathing for the weaponry.

      But I'd have loved to have seen some hand painted scales on those tanks as well.

      But I see for sure that your going for the "out in the wilderness of the universe" look which I cannot fault and is done spectacularly. WE dont have that much lore on the exodites so there is creative freedom for sure.

      I'd 100% swap the wolves for the cold ones though!

    4. Well, considering that Exodites are basically Wood Elves in space, and that they wouldn't travel off-planet much at all, I think he did a fine job of showing the sort of mixed up cobbled-together (from pointy-eared friends) array of equipment such a force would have.

      Plus I assume that he'd like to actually play the army and have everything be recognizable as something from a valid codex. :)

    5. The codex says they have the same technology as the craftworlds and live a different lifestyle through choice. I figure they have machines that they took with them when they fled the fall. As their lifestyle changed and meshed with the nature of their maiden world their technology also changed and shifted and started to reflect its nature more and more.

      I'm not against them riding dragons but I don't get why they can't have other tech too. Also, if I have a dragon I want it spitting flame!

  2. ...sigh... My Exodites are only about half painted...

  3. My mind is still blown by that first model! It looks amazing. As does the entire army, Very well done!

  4. Great job dude! Are you bringing these to the Indy Open?

    1. Thanks! I can't afford to come to the Indy Open cos I live in the UK...
      Maybe some day though :D

  5. I will pay for your entry and hotel if you can ever make it. :P

  6. I will pay for your entry and hotel if you can ever make it. :P

  7. I will pay for your entry and hotel if you can ever make it. :P

  8. Awesome theme! I like how you aren't afraid to use other-than-40K models to fit your Exodite needs.

    1. Thanks! It's GW's crazy prices that drove me to it. I was so shocked by the price of failcast that I started looking elsewhere. The Studio McVey figs especially impressed me and weren't any more expensive than the lackluster GW sculpts.

      Something cool for any DE players that want to use razorwing flocks - I found they're basically one-sided so it's really easy to cast with a simple push-mould using Oyumaru:

    2. The title of the post is mis-leading ;) There is never a truly "finished army"

      Awesome builds. I am so jealous of talent, and that the army is fully painted and done for the table!


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