Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forge World Vets With Shotguns

by SandWyrm

I thought that I'd do a quick post to show you how my latest 40K project is coming along. I've now got 2 assembled squads of IG Vets with Shotguns using 4 Forge World Hardened Veteran upgrade packs that I bought at this year's Adepticon. Along with some Space Marine bits.

My only real gripe with the Forge World kits is that they weren't designed at the same size/proportion as the GW plastic Cadian sets that they're supposed to work with. So the plastic legs are all rather large compared to the resin torsos. The two don't match up well at all. Though I was able to hide the seams with Liquid Green Stuff plus extra grenades and other equipment around their waists.

The resin heads are also noticeably smaller than the plastic ones. Which looks odd if you put one on a plastic torso as I did for the flamers. Conversely, the sergeants with plastic heads look like Rush Limbaugh compared to the rest of their squads.

The plastic Marine flamers that I used are also a bit too large. But then again they're a bit too large for Marines. So whatcha gonna do?

Once again I have to sing the praises of Liquid Green Stuff. I was able to easily re-build the thumbs on a couple of models where I'd had to cut the originals off to make them fit with the flamers. I'm pretty impressed with it's utility.


  1. Well I'm no fan of Imperial stuffs....but these guys look 'ard as nails....

  2. They look fantastic.

    I agree that the jumbo flamers look goofy alongside the gorgeously detailed resin figs though.

    You're in pretty deep already so have you considered these: ?

    They're a bit expensive for 2x squads but they would look really smart.

  3. So, what we've learned here is that FW Imperial Guard have proportions that are actually closer the actual human beings? The legs don't appear so stunted? The heads aren't gigantic? It's too bad they can't do anything to make the lower legs fit the proportions of the thighs.

  4. @AoM

    Yeah, pretty much.


    Those are much better sized, but I don't like the look (or the obvious fragility) of them. (sigh...)

  5. Yeah they break quite easily, that's why I have to store my men standing up.

    Flamethrowers are pretty simple. You could probably convert some from lasguns a bit of wire for the hose and some brass rod for the barrel. Maybe some plasticard tube for the backpack or something?

    Still, I used the SM melta guns with my troops and they look bad for the same reasons. I'm much too stingy to shell out for FW meltaguns though.

  6. Personally I think the scale of the FW Elysians is most accurate. It's taking some getting use to putting them together because they are so thin and small, and not all the torsos link up perfectly with the legs (requiring me to GS some together), but once they're put do they look AWESOME. I also did the "throw on some extra kit around the waist to hide the imperfections" trick on my Elysians :)

  7. I used Space Marine Melta Guns and Scout Shotguns for my vets. Way too cheap to buy forgeworld.

  8. Looks bloody awesome to me, I tried to spot what you were having issues with, but couldn't see it. Ok, some of the (melta?) guns look a bit big. But people's heads are different-sized irl, so no big deal.


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