Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spaguatyrine and Ard Boys failure

 By Spaguatyrine


So I drove all the way to little town Pennsylvania to play in the finals of Ard Boys......

I guess it isn't a totally losing effort. I did meet some new friends and got in some more games with the grey knights.  I was on the top table for 1st and 2nd round and dropped back to table 3 for the third game with a great chance to massacre and be in 2nd or 3rd. 

Problem is I went up against grey knights that had more shooting than I did, and my opponent had super, super, super, hot (loaded dice). LOL. 

I played blood angels in game 1 with a Major Victory, Deathwing with a minor vicory, and  Grey knights with a minor loss. Still ended up in 5th.  

The first mission was absolutely stupid!  There were 4 objectives that you had to dig for. On a 1 the objective was a trap and blew up, on a 2-3 it was fake, 4-5 worth 1 objective, and 6 was 2 points. So wouldn't you know it all 4 objectives in the table quarters  were fake or traps.  So the most I could get was a major victory.  Needeless to say I got max points but could only get a major instead of a massace which I could have had easily. 

Second mission was table quarters. I played deathwing and was 1/4 an inch from getting a major major victory.  I beat the deathwing player that got paired up with guard and he jumped up to third.

Third mission was against an all purifier list with 5 dreads and 4 heavy bolt psybacks.  This guy hit with every shot, and wounded every shot. I began to use his dice which also rolled great but it was too late. He had already gotten me up a few kill points. I was unable to catch up. I had was up on my last turn by 1 but he got a very lucky shot and of course rolled an explosion on a rhino.  I am complaining here, but get over it. He got an explosion on every vehicle the first time he penetrated which caused me to start rolling his dice.  Ugh!

Anyways, I missed my wolves but did OK with the Grey Knights. I didn't get top three so in my eyes, I was a
LOSER today.


  1. U still finished higher than i and I was on table 1 in the final but sucked it up to get massacred. Had fun still. Learned a lot. Thanx

  2. At least you got to go... Some jerk playing Space Wolves knocked me out of top three ;)

  3. Blogger lost my post!!! Argh!!!!!

    So the final top 5 tables had the following armies:

    #1 Guard vs Guard
    #2 Guard vs Grey Knights-Double Draigowing
    #3 Grey Knight vs Grey Knights (Me)
    #4 Guard vs Deathwing
    #5 Guard vs Grey Knights-Draigo wing

    See a trend?

    As I thought about using my space wolves I would have had the same result in the first battle, a tough time in the 2nd with deathwing, and would have faired better in the last mission. Anyways, it was a learning experience.

    LOL Iazian!

  4. Hmm and people keep saying guard is on the decline...

  5. At 2500 with missions that need a massacre it is hard to argue the effectiveness of guard and all their power. In a win loss environment, that is a different story. Also with missions where 'the most scoring units' is a must, it is hard to argue against guard and combat squad armies.

  6. LOLz at the Grey Knights bandwagon hordes

  7. it was crazy there with 8 guard players, like 5 gks 2 dark angels, 2 dark eldar, 1 marine, 2 blood angels, and 1 eldar player so the odds were infavor of you going against gk or guard


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