Sunday, October 2, 2011

Space Marine

By TheGraveMind

Well, here is my review of the Space Marine game. It is a little late, but we'll just say I've been busy with school. I'm not one to normally write a review for a video game, but I'll try and keep in brief and concise. I had rented it for a week, so I'm writing as someone who has not fully played through the campaign or mastered the Multi-player.

Basically, they took the shooting and grim from Gears of war, the combat was some what like God of war, and the multiplayer played a lot like Call of duty. They took the concepts of the big hits, and used them as templates. The controls were easy to pick up and play, and the graphics were good. A lot of the conversations turned into cut-scences, and there were a lot of panning shots that showed off the environment. These are not really bad things as they help introduce people to the world, but can get annoying.

The plot isn't very deep, Orks attack, space marines defend and discover Chaos behind things. Obviously this is a game you play to kill things, not learn about the plot. While there were shooting and combat attacks, unlike games like Halo or Call of Duty, shooting is not as dominant. Space marine does a good job of balancing Melee and Shooting. At first you want to just charge in and start swinging, but you really have to learn when to wait and shoot or you will soon be overwhelmed.

Two things I didn't like about the campaign was that you couldn't get rid of the bolter, and that there was no real co-op. At times I had Meltagun, Lascannon, Stalker pattern bolter, Bolter, Pistol, grenade launcher all infront of me in a weapons cash. I get that the Bolter is a signature Space Marine weapon, but really it was the most lacking of my choices and I pretty much needed the Stalker to pull headshots, which only left me with one option to keep switching between special weapons. I am a Space Marine Captain, give me some slack or make it a Storm Bolter. I also think if they do a sequel to make it more of a squad of Space Marines, allowing up to 4 people to play campaign. That is one of the features I love most in games.

The Multi player was a lot better than I expected it to be. I didn't play too much as the Xbox version required you to download some expansion in order to progress past level 5 ranking. First levels unlock devastator, Assault marine load outs, and then new weapons for classes. While the missions were a little basic, they were fair and balanced and played well. One complaint is the Jump pack for the assault marine, I had never figured out if it is distance traveled or how the fuel is used. While you can kind of tell by the intensity of the exhaust/flame coming out the back, a recharge meter or something would be nice.

In multiplayer you are either loyalists or chaos marines. I really enjoyed the customization available for the marine skins. They had tons of the well known chapters for both sides, and many armor variances. You could take the time to completely design your own color pattern for each army piece if you'd like, though the color interface was a little lacking.

So overall I think it is a fun game, but most likely to rent unless the Multi-player becomes a big deal. Hopefully a prequel will fix up the Co-op and make the campaign a little more interesting and have a better replay value. It has made a good transition from table top to video game.


  1. I really enjoyed SM myself! I am playing the XBox version too but you don't have to download anything to progress to the multiplayer! Just add the code that you have at the back of the booklet inside the game case ;)

  2. The whole game starts like this:

    Option 1? Kill the planet
    Option 2? Bombard it from space
    You mean you don't like /either/ of those options?? UUuuhgh okay okay we'll get a rescue mission organised then.

    The whole game is hilarious.

    The takedown for 'Ard Boyz with riot shields involves you ripping it off him, smacking him over the head with it and them planting it through his skull and impaling it into the ground, so that the end pose is totally brilliant.

    It's a ton of fun.

  3. I find it an excellent and faithful portrayal of the Universe.

    It isn't anywhere near the best FPS I've played, but it IS the best melee/combat mix since The Return Of The King for PS2.

    And ofc, I know it ISN'T a FPS, but that's what it has to compete with, for me.

    As for the Bolter - honestly, by the end of the campaign, you're bloody glad to have it and the 420 rounds, because the special weapons run out too fast every time. :(
    Did you reach the Kraken Rounds? they make a difference.

  4. Really, it was just a code? oh well, I had just rented it for a week, so it wouldn't have mattered that much.

    According to my friend who has it, I'm right before you start fighting chaos. I think it was a fun game, but I don't feel it has enough replay value to buy it, at least not at full price.

    Agreed though it is a very good introduction to the Grim dark universe.

  5. I love the game. Woulda liked it better if you could drop punt the Gretchin, but hey, putting my fist through their collective faces will do for now.

    Sometime this month they're releasing DLC that will include a co-op horde mode type thing, and a few other goodies. I've heard it's gonna be a free DLC on Steam. Haven't heard anything about the other systems.

    As for the level 5 Multi thing, us Steam-punks didn't have to worry about that. Though we didn't get Kill Team, so I guess it balances out. (It really doesn't)

  6. Bear in mind that the free co-op download is supposed to drop within the next week or so. It will also allow you to level your same character from the versus mode inside of it as well.

  7. Kind of funny I said the exact same thing about the "God of War", "Gears of War" and "Call of Duty" I really think the game was lacking the cover of Gears though it really needed some sort of cover system.

  8. Eh, I only found (on Normal, admittedly) 3 occasions where I felt exposed and needed better cover - the Landing Pad against those damn Havocs with Plasma Cannons (they're not in their Codex!! rawr!) and twice with Tankbustas blowing the crap out of me - although one of those I blame my own failure to kill the limited 'bustas quickly enough.

  9. Well, at E3 (I think) they said that they were originally going to have a cover system, but then they thought "Wait a minute. I'm a Space Marine. I am death incarnate. I don't need cover. The Emperor Protects! Cover is for cowards and heretics...and guardsmen." Or something along those lines.

  10. On hard mode you need it... a direct hit from a rocket will 1 shot you and it happens A LOT. Also in online play you REALLY need it... If a Space Marine is too cocky and idiotic to use a rock to help protect then they aren't the tactical genius they are portrayed as. Who's to say the Emperor didn't put that rock there to protect you.

  11. True, in online you can often get slaughtered if you're in the open over about 6 seconds.

    Although MOST of that can be mitigated by the terrain there is, and by functioning as a group instead of a loose collection of disparate and uncoordinated individuals. Sigh.


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