Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spaguatyrine: The beginning of my Dark Eldar challenge

by Spaguatyrine

So this is the beginning of my Dark Eldar Challenge.  As you know some of our readers here and people across the Internet don't feel Dark Eldar are a top tier army.  I intend to take that challenge.........

I intend to challenge those that cry, "Space Wolves and Grey Knights are too powerful!", "If you were playing Xenos it would be different!" , "You have the easy button!"

Well here you go doubters.  I plan on losing a lot until I get used to toughness 3 without very much armor and paper airplanes, but I believe I have a concept in my head that will be fun and competitive. I have again taken a different approach than others I have seen, but combines many successful DE player strategies along with my play style.  A few things that will play the same:

I will play a list that is different than others
I will have an assault based list
I will be aggressive

I of course will take advice from anyone as I believe that often the best ideas and strategies are stolen from others. I will post as I get more done and update with my successes and failures. :)

This is my first assembled and model. I have approximately 1750 points in Dark Eldar at this time.

A few more shots of my first venom.  I haven't added the riders, and am not sure if I am going to. I kind of like it just like this. I am considering just applying a magnet to I can just put 1 model of who is actually in the transport.  What do you think?

I still have to add more detailing. I play on using a red wash, and incorporating more of the dark angels green.   Other suggestions?


  1. I don't think many sensible people are screaming about DE being underpowered. There will always be some people complaining about every codex.

    Now if you played Tyranids... then I'd be impressed.

    Anyway, good luck.

  2. Arrrgh! White table glow! Run!

    Seriously though, I'm jazzed that you're starting Dark Eldar. If anyone can make them work, you can. Should be fun!

  3. Did Dash not do well enough Sandy?

  4. Any ideas on how you would deal with the GK venderable psyflemen lists? They seem popular atm and very nasty for DE.

  5. I fully understand. I have a "Challenge Accepted" army I've been working on.

    If you are ever looking for something to beat on with your DE, let me know. I have yet to win against DE with my Nids and would love to change that.

  6. My stock mech IG list seems to fare pretty well against DE. I'm very interested to see what you come up with. In my experience, a lot of local DE players under-utilize their assault capacity.

  7. @BroLo

    Dash didn't play me. Wish he had. I want to get my ass kicked by Dark Eldar at least once. :)

  8. Brolo,

    Dash and Adam did well, but that is 2 out of 200+. I want to see if I can get them to the level of my wolves and grey knights.

    @Korona, I am working on that.

    What about the paint job?

  9. I'm pretty sure the only person who thought DE are underpowered was SandWyrm, and it resulted in about twenty people telling him he was wrong in the comments.

    We just don't have any consistently competitive DE players in the local area.

  10. needs more pink. . .

  11. With your painting I like the red pattern on the sides. It makes it stand out as being pretty unique.

    It's really hard to see the colours 'cos of the lighting. Is it dark green + red on the chassis or pure black?

    I'm not really a fan of your colours, they skirt too close to Christmas colours for my taste.

    Red + Green is tough to pull off but I'd go for an olive green to go with the blood red. Think Soviet tanks on parade with all those red flags:

    It's tough to pick a scheme for a new army, and even tougher to paint it all! Good luck!

  12. Do you have any lists for us to have a look at yet Spag's?


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