Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 'Leegranticus' Tank Destroyer

by SandWyrm

It's pretty interesting what you can find at model railroad shows.

Amidst all the booths of Thomas The Tank Engine toys that my boys were excitedly drooling over, I came across this baby.

Only $9? SOLD!!!

They had Tigers, Shermans, and Half-Tracks too. But this was the most 40K-ish looking choice. Here's the Amazon link:

And the opened box.

Hey look GW! A SUSPENSION!!! See? It can be done!

This is actually a motorized kit. Not that I plan on using it like that.

It's not quite 40K-scale. The green army man is about a perfect fit.

Here it is next to a vanilla Russ.

The turret is a bit too large for a standard Chimera.

And it's a bit too small to look good on a Russ.

I think it would make for a good Hydra conversion though. If you stuck it on the back of a Manticore and swapped some assault cannons for the 30mm gun.

Here's the Lee body after being "40K-ized" with sponsons, a multi-laser turret, and a hull-mounted Vanquisher cannon. Not too bad. I dub it the "Leegranticus". After some dead Tallarn General from the Heresy. 

This is when I wish that I played Orks. :)

I can't just make up my own tank and use it competitively, but I can make a nice terrain piece out of this kit. Probably as a burned out wreck. I'm thinking that a big hole just forward of the port sponson would do the trick. With the Dozer blade bent to that side and the top turret facing whatever killed it.

Not bad for $9.


  1. I love the Lee. It's a terrible tank design but it still somehow looks sci-fi.
    I find the main problem with real-world imports to 40k is the Chassis is too long. The other problems can be overcome. And look: Its tracks have actually have suspension! Take note GW!!

  2. if you took of the multi-laser turret you could theoretically play it as a LR vanquisher, so long as it wasnt in tourney play

  3. It's a fun little kit, and a steal. I used it to make a Russ equivalent for my Scythiak chaos guard.

    You got it even cheaper than I did. They also have some cheap Jeeps I'm thinking about using for Ork Warbuggies.

  4. Oooooh! Wrecked traitor tank! Even better. :)

  5. This is where I wish I still played Orks...

  6. Loving the conversion ... I think the Sherman and Lee are good fits as they are very #high bodied' tanks, unlike the T34/Panther etc. Reminds me of an article (didn't you write?) about how impractical the Leman Russ was (high calibre, no suppoension, pointless sponsons). After churning World of Tanks, It really gives you an appreciation for how real tanks (and real cover, rolling landscape etc) makes our FLAT battlefields a bit mundane. Great work.

  7. World of Tanks has been amazing that way.

  8. Nice thing about those models is they make great terrain. Tank depo anyone?

    Ammo crats, fuel drums, and a model railroad station and you have a heck of a cool table!

  9. Could always grab an old Chapter Approved and make a DIY beasty for that guy. Granted, they're always overpriced, but you could always shave a few points in casual play.

    Or just make a traitor tank wreck. It's all good.

    It does have a nice look to it, though, overall. Great conversion base.


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