Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liquid Green Stuff Review

by SandWyrm

I'm currently working on putting together 2 squads of IG Veterans with shotguns using the Forge World upgrade kits that I bought way back at Adepticon. Anyone who's worked with FW resin kits knows how difficult it can be to fit them together properly. So hey! Why not give Citadel's new 'Liquid Green Stuff' a try?

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened up the bottle. But it's pretty much like working with thick acrylic paint. It's water-soluble, so it's easy to clean up. It also dries out VERY quickly. So you'll need to add a few drops of water to the pot every 5-10 minutes to keep a good working consistency.

This stuff fills gaps and cracks quite well.

Though it does shrink as it dries, much like paint. So large areas will need a touch-up later when depressions form. The neck on this trooper has had 3 coats to get the shape right.

As I was using it, I thought that maybe GW had pulled a fast one and just thickened up their standard paint. But after the goop dried for a few hours, I was able to sand and file the areas I'd filled in. Which is something that I could never do with paint. Nice!

You have to get used to the idea of building up in layers with the LGS. You can't just glop it down and be done. On this and the next model, I was able to re-build the extremely thin edge of the trooper's goggles using 3-4 layers of LGS applied a couple of minutes apart.

Even more so on this model. This is the kind of small detail that it would be difficult to do with normal green stuff quickly. But I was able to get it done pretty fast using LGS.

So hey! I like it!

I'm imagining cool things like painting raised scars on models or using a sponge to dab on 'mud'. This is defiantly a useful hobby product, and one which I haven't seen before in a water based form.



  1. Looks good :-) Will have to convince the Gopher to snag some soonish... Eventually I'll be done painting Terminators and will be needing something like this to touch stuff up...

  2. Does it ruin your brush? or did you use something else to apply it anyway? I've gone into my GW a number of times now and they are always out of stock... the manager says that they fly off the shelves!

  3. It cleans up just like normal paint.

    My brush was fine afterwards. But then again, I'm a very neat painter who only ever puts paint on the tip of the brush.

    If you're sloppy and get this stuff into the furrel (metal band that holds the bristles on), then I'm sure it would ruin the brush in one go. But then again, so would normal paint. :)

  4. We've had it for over a week now, Paul. In fact we just got more in today since the levels were low...


  5. Just use MMD putty. Its cheaper per gram, sticks to anything, and chemically bonds to plastic.

  6. MMD Putty is also poisonous, smelly, and difficult to apply. I'll gladly pay more for a product that's water-based, can be applied with a brush, and gives me the same sanded finish as MMD.

  7. It looks like a pretty fascinating idea. It's not as versatile as regular GS but for fine detail work this stuff really comes into its own.

  8. @ Sandwyrm - It is hard to tell. But are the shotguns attached to the torsos. Or do they come separately?

    - Messanger

  9. @MOD

    Most of the shotguns are modeled into the 1-piece torsos, along with the arms. I think each pack of 5 comes with one separate shotgun. I've used one of these to convert a sergeant that's holding his shotgun in his left hand while pointing with his right.

  10. I think this stuff might see a lot of use among Nid builders, especially those who like dripping blood/drool/mucus/what-have-you.

  11. @TNT


    I was actually able to re-build fingers/thumbs on some of my flamer conversions using only LGS. 3-4 coats was all it took.

    That's kind of amazing.

  12. Excellent review, I will now be making a purchase.


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