Monday, October 24, 2011

Using a Smooth File

By TheGraveMind

I didn't realize how much I missed this thing until I lost it. I had looked all over the place, and I was just about to go buy another one when I finally found it in the bottom of a box. You would think it is just another file, but I fell in love with this when I started using it. It is by Revlon, I got mine for $4. This file also smooths as you use it. Normal files are fine for the most part, but can/do leave a gritty sand paper like texture. The real difference is when using it on metal models. It really is a must, especially for tanks. The only down side is it is larger than a normal nail file, so getting small, hard to reach places is difficult. I've also used the edges to help make small curved grooves.

I figured I'd share this great product with people. I haven't really heard of anyone else using something like this. What does everybody else use? Exacto knife, sand paper?


  1. Sand paper over here. I used a file for a little while, but it wore out.

  2. I use an Exacto knife. I'm a bit OCD about my trimming and smoothing, so I can and have spent over an hour on a single piece (not just a single model). XD

  3. needle files from sears... $17 a set...

  4. Little Sis Sanding Stick from Creek Bank creations.

  5. I have some needle files as well, they work wonders on metal models. On anything plastic I normally use a Exacto to scrape/cut over and over, it's better than filling IMO


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