Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Strange Feeling Is Coming Over Me...

by SandWyrm

I'm... I'm... actually getting (a bit) excited (well, more than a bit) by the idea of collecting undead robots!

I think it's the floating barges that I'm in love with:

And that command barge with the cylon necron lord sitting behind his two pilots...

The new troop models aren't too bad either:

I could totally do a General Grievous + robo-guards conversion with these guys.

Of course, since GW doesn't want to tell us about them, we have no real idea yet what the costs or rules will be like. Will they be reasonably priced? Will they be Faq-nerfed 4-6 months in? Who knows?

Fail for GW. Who impulse-buys $400+ worth of models these days?

Looks like I'll be buying North African Germans instead and saying 'maybe later' to the 'Crons. :(


  1. The hundreds of Necron models in my basement are waiting to get stripped, chopped up, and converted into whatever-I-please.

    GW needs to realize that when there's no buzz, there's no buzz. When your entire marketing plan is a banal tautology ... well, you've got problemos.

  2. marketing plan? what marketing plan?

    Ivory tower thinking at its finest is what we're seeing here...

  3. I find myself becoming excited for the Crons too. They were the very first 40k army I ever owned (20 Warriors, a Lord, some Scarabs and 3 Destroyers), when they were still a White Dwarf only codex. I remember Scarabs having a very similar rule where they could reduce the armor values of vehicles, which was pretty sweet.

  4. I've already got a decent stash of Necrons sitting around waiting for this.

    And at least half of the rules are already up on Dakka/Warseer; we already know exactly how pretty much all the units we have pictures of will function, all the way down to unit costs and sizes in most cases.

  5. I for one am glad. Means I can dust off my models.

  6. I love the looks of the new Necrons. If I hadn't just bought a friend's Space Wolves, I might have started Necrons instead. I can't wait to see them on the table!

  7. i have to admit, these are making me want to take a stab at 40k again. the fact that they are metal and quick to paint. niiiiiicccceee!!!


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