Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Razorwing flocks!! That don't cost $12 each

by Spaguatyrine

Dark Eldar Razorwing Flock

I like the idea of razorwing flocks and looked at the price of $12 plus a piece I almost coughed up a lung!

Here you go!  So I looked and looked and looked and finally found something that I could convert.  Not as cool looking as the picture, but here is my first crack at them.  Did these in about 20 minutes and the cost for 6 bases was $20 plus the 40mm bases I already had.

What do you think?

I also added my first skyboard to get some feedback on.  I added more drybrushing to the skyboard after this picture.  Unlike the Venom, I painted the wing edges with a higher concentration of the dark angels green to bring the tint of green drybrush out more.  When you look at this not under light the green drybrush looks almost black.

On the right track for a new paint scheme? How do you like the base for the razorwing. I like the scenic bases.  This base is the same I used for my space wolves. Obviously I would probably spray the base with a different coating, in a contrasting or complementing color to the scheme.  Thoughts?


  1. I like your counts as cheaper option I think it will turn out well. What are you using out of curiosity?

  2. Oh Undead carrion! Perfect!

    I really don't know what's going on with your camera, the colours are totally different from the last shots! I still think the olive green and deep red of Soviet tanks is a good base for your scheme you seem to be fairly close to that but it's hard to tell given the lighting. What paints are you using?

    The one thing I'd definitly change is the barrel. The bright green just looks skanky. Maybe a gold or brass metallic?

  3. @Drkmorals, I found some hawks and eagles from

    I am not sure what is the deal with my camera either. Need to get with Sandwyrm on that one. I agree with the barrel changing colors. What about a electric blue?

  4. Ha I thought you were using these:

    I think you can use electric blue and make it look nice:
    If you flip over the split harmony you have pretty much the right colours.

    Sand understands it all better than me though so I'd get his opinion too.

  5. I like a dark glowing purple for my DE guns, especially the lances.

    For your wyches that I assume you will run since you said you're making it stabby (assault), I think bright pink raver hair would look good. Maybe a few neon green (Scorpion Green) streaks and/or hairbands.

    But these are my preferences and everyone has different tastes in color.

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  7. I just split up the birds for my razor wing flocks. As you can see in the pic the gw comes with one double bird and two singles. So I did an even split so each base ends up with 2 birds. This takes the cost per pas down to $5.5-6.

  8. Nice. I saw some of them at the finals for ard boys and they do look nice, but are expensive.

  9. Dude, blurry pics?

    Also, build yourself a light-tent for $0 to take nice pictures of things inside.


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