Thursday, November 10, 2011


By TheGravemind

I don't condone violence. (Actually I do. so bring it!)
It seems yesterday we made it to 400 followers, and by the time I put this up, we've made it to 401! Ya growth! We wanted to thank everyone out there for reading along and sharing the hobby along with us.

I know Spagautyrine may be moving away from our local scene, but I'm sure he will share many juicy battle reports as he gets them.

I'm hoping we can pull Sandwyrm away from World of Tanks long enough to finish his painting tutorial for his beautiful Emo-wing.

I'll try to chime in myself with my own perspective on things and some of my Tournament reports as I take on new foes in interesting places.

I hope we have brought you many fun and interesting articles and we would like to give you many more. Thank you all!


out dang bot!

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