Friday, November 25, 2011

Spaguatyrine's First Dark Eldar Test Game against Necrons

By Spaguatyrine


So I got my first test game in next last week with a proxy army against a new necron player.  We were both new at both of our armies, but I was shocked by how the Dark Eldar performed in a positive and negative way.  I of course forgot a ton of dark eldar rules.  The game ended up with a win for the dark eldar, but I obviously have a lot of learning to do with them. I plan on getting a few games in tomorrow with them. As normal with a new army, I will make a full post after 10 test games.  If I was playing in the The Indy Open GT ..........

Then I would probably work on getting my Dark Eldar up to speed.  A few things I noticed in my army that I was disappointed in was:

*My 2 ravagers and their inability to blow up vehicles for the first 2 turns.  That is right I only have 2 ravagers!!

*My mistake with my hellions of not using my pain token trick to give them 2 to start and getting the all important fearless token.

*I totally forgot about my +1 strength from the combat drugs! They would have made a difference.

*I screwed up when placing my webway portal! Don't put the portal so close to terrain. 

*Loosing combat and running and getting caught sucks!

Some things I absolutely loved!!!!:

*My haywire blasters were amazing!

*The beastpacks did wonders against necrons

*The Webway portal provides an incredible boost to an already fast assault based army.

*Venoms are amazing at killing units

That being said, the necrons went down pretty easy once I got to them. I am not saying this will happen every time, but I look forward to continued practice.



  1. "the necrons went down pretty easy once I got to them"

    yup. I played against my own necron army (that my friend was rocking) and all but tabled him. I was using BA, so getting there was quick. Even with a full 10 man royal court with 6 midshackle and void blades, plus 5 cryptecks, my death company wiped them.

    Really am disappointed with the new book.

    Your buffs FnP Fearless, Combat drugs, are SO important. Make tokens. They are way better than just dice

  2. Nice man, looking forward to more results :)

    Lots of stuff you have to remember when playing Dark Eldar! Kind of a pain to play too, because you have so many models moving at all phases of the turn. Still, it's a fun army, and it'll be fun to see how your list performs!

  3. I'm guessing you had some bad rolls with the Ravagers? Those are probably the most frustrating, as each one should reliably damage any given vehicle each turn. When they don't... facepalm.

    For the Hellions, how are you getting them 2 to start (other than rolling a 6), and do you use the Baron? Although to the latter, it's also a question of how important they are to the force.

  4. I think the Hellion trick is starting them with a haemy. The baron starts in a unit or wracks. First turn, swap the Baron with the haemy and the Baron drags over the extra token while the haemy leaves his behind. Pow, 2 pain tokens turn 1.

  5. Yeah, I thought of that, though with two Heamy's, after posting.

    Decent if said Heamy's can join a Wrack unit and have their own token to share, but I'd hate to take the token away from Wracks... T4 alone won't allow them to survive to get another token, or hold an objective. If it's just 3 you can hope to hide them completely, but a single round of firing will grant the enemy another easy KP... meh. Risks, you know. Plus, using two Heamy's means you're not eating up a 2nd FOC slot for a quirky trick.

  6. ST8 Lance weapons are really pretty bad. The odds of significantly denting AV11/12 spam, even with three Ravagers, isn't really all that great thanks to the goofy vehicle damage table.

    I've not got many games in with my DE so take this with a pinch of salt but I see lances and haywires as positioning weapons, restricting the movement of his vehicles and causing traffic jams. I figure the real destruction will come when you surround his immobilised/stunned vehicles with troops and gib them with auto-hits. Since that wipes out the cargo too, it's a better way to go.

  7. @DK, I played a game against Dodger3 who is techinically on of the best players I know and they didn't do as well, but he was new to the army and we played at a 1500 point level which I wasnt really prepared for. But, I look forward to testing more and more against them.

    @Xaereth, I do have a great battle report coming up against a space wolf list with pictures and all.

    @The March Rider, Yes that was the trick. I also found a way to get all three on turn 1!! I didn't think about it until I did it, but I was able to effectively get 3 by starting with 1 Haem, leaving the unit, stealing the wracks pain token, the Haem that started with the True born jumped out after the venom moved keeping his token. The hellions jumped out and ended up being joined with the Baron and the Haem. The unit had all three. The plan was to keep the three during the shooting phase then split, but the shooting I put the wounds on the haem and killed him off! :)

  8. Finally realizing just how awesome ATSKNF is?
    And I believe the weapon you are firing is called the Dark "Glance" for a reason.

    Keep getting this army together, I have yet to face DE with my Blood angels.

  9. I am looking for it GraveMind! ATSKNF is incredible. I miss it after 3 games. I am noticing I am being too aggressive with the DE at this point in time.

  10. There's nothing like having a unit of 17 Kroot loose combat by 2 casualties and have a 72% chance of being wiped out.


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