Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stuffs For Sale!

by SandWyrm

It's time to clean out the basement again! This time I'm getting rid of my old Fantasy Battle Dwarfs. Plus some old Epic Scale Marines and my Warmaster Army.

Dwarf Organ Gun

First up is my old early 90's Organ Gun + Crew. I still think it looks better than GW's current sculpt, and it's painted up very nicely.

Dwarf Cannon

Early 90's Dwarf Cannon.

Dwarf Gob-lobber Crew

These guys were the crew to a Dwarven catapult called the Gob-Lobber from the late 80's. It shot live goblins back at their kin and would force a rout test on a unit if it killed a model. I once routed 2/3rds of a friend's army on the first shot of the game with it. :)

Anyhow, they'd make a good decorative crew. The one with the pipe is sitting on top of a trussed-up goblin.

Dwarf Army Standard Bearer

Here's my custom made Army Standard Bearer with his ridiculously large banner. :)

Dwarf King

A very nicely painted Dwarf King. Nuff said. :)

Dwarf Runesmith/General

Here's a nicely painted General/Runesmith model.

54mm Inquisitor Conversion

Do you remember the Inquisitor game that GW released in the late 90's? This was a 54mm conversion I did using Inquisitor Eisenhorn and bits from various other kits. I figure that he would make a good statue in a piece of city terrain, as he stands about twice as tall as a standard 40K mini.

Cadian Plasma Gunners

3 Cadian Plasma Gunners, partially painted.

3 Cadian Plasma Gunners, unpainted.

Random Star Trek Figure

Got this from a friend a few years back. It's unopened.

Complete Dwarf Warmaster Army With Rulebook

Anybody still playing Warmaster? Here's a complete Dwarf Army!


Dwarf King (up front, came with the army box so no blister)
3 x Dwarf Thunderers
4 x Dwarf Warriors
1 x Trollslayers
1 x Dwarf Characters
1 x Dwarf Cannons

3 2nd Edition Scout Sentinels

Here's the parts for 3 2nd Edition metal IG Sentinels. With original assault cannons. One of the drivers is a Praetorian.

11 Tallarn Rough Riders

Everything you need for 11 Tallarn Rough Riders. Plus an extra pair of legs. :)

4 Tallarn Grenade Launchers

Here's some Tallarn Grenade Launchers.

6 Stormtrooper Grenade Launchers

6 Stormtroopers with Grenade Launchers. One painted.

6 Stormtrooper Plasma Guns

6 Stormtroopers with Plasma Guns. One painted. 3 partially painted.

Epic Scale Marine Army

While I was digging through everything, I was amazed to find my old Epic Scale Space Marine Army from 1991 or so.

It has:

8 Land Raiders
15 Rhinos
32 Infantry Bases
9 Dreadnoughts of various types

8 Stormtroopers

8 Imperial Guard Stormtroopers with Hot Shot Lasguns.

Tank Riders and Commanders

Tank Riders and Commanders.

6 Cadian Snipers

6 Imperial Guard Cadian Snipers.

3 Sanguinary Guard + Corbulo w/Jump Pack

Here's some spare Sanguinary Guard models I'll never use now that the army is done.

2 Tallarn Lieutenants

2 Tallarn Lieutenant models with Chainswords.

Commissar Yarrick

Commissar Yarrick.

3 Tallarn Melta Gunners

These should sell well. :)

6 Cadian Melta Gunners

And so should these. :)

That's it for now. There's more coming later as I clean out the basement.

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