Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Combat Patrol Tournament Report

By TheGraveMind

I attended the Indy40k's 500 point combat patrol. I was the last one to show up and made it 13 attendees I believe. There was BA, BA, Daemons, Wolves, GK, GK, GK, Orks, Orks, IG, IG and some stuff. I ended up 3rd place, going 3-1-1 for the day. You can check out the Indy40k's write up here.

My list was 
10 assault marines w/Jump packs, 2 flamers
10 assault marines w/Jump packs, melta gun, power fist
Priest with Jump pack.

I was hoping that 21 tough marines that were fast moving and combat ready would do well for me. I was right for the most part.
My first game was against IG, I killed off two vet squads and the chimeras along with ratling snipers. I lost a squad, so no bonus point.

Game 2 had me play against Deamons. The mission was to hold the center terrain piece. I move up and surround the terrain. This forced him to arrive in the back corners of the board or else have me assault into him. Once he did, I simply pulled away to the other side until I could engage on my turns. I took two turns wiping out his Horrors, until I was set up to assault his Fiends. I scored 6 wounds on them, and in return they got 7 rends against me. 2-3 rends would have been average, this was Chaos incarnate. I lost combat by 1, and of course ran. I only ran 6 inches, so he assaulted again. I lived, but the only rend he got was against my priest. I then had to pull away from the other horror squads and charge in with the second squad. At the end I had 4 marines left in one squad, and the powerfist and another marine in the second squad. I jump up, and assault the two horror squads that had moved into the center terrain. two marines vs 3 horrors, I lost combat because the sarge died, and the squad ran away again. Thus he had two half squads to my one half squad winning by 60 vp. (My only loss for the day)

Game 3 Pitted me against very well painted orks. He had 10 ard boys in a truck, 8 bike boys and 5 commandos. The mission was to have more in your enemies deployment. I moved up, shot the ork trukk, and then assaulted the occupants. At the same time I assault the bike squad with the priest squad. I won combat in both places, and swept both squads. Commandos then assaulted into my squad, killing 4 or 5 with the powerweapon/flamer thing. But ultimately were killed.

Because of the rankings, and only a few attendees I was pitted against the deamons again. I was hoping that he wouldn't get a good amount of rends against me and I would have a better chance. The mission had you rescuing a prisoner, so it moved and joined like an Infantry IC. You had to deploy 1 troop choice 12 back. Reserves came in starting first turn. I seized the initiative, moved up with a combat squad, took my prisoner and ran 6" back. My double flamer squad deep struck between his horror squad and his prisoner. His turn brought in his other two horror squads. My 10 man squad went after one of the new squads, my prisoner squad walked into my back terrain piece, while the other combat squad assaulted into the third horror squad. I had broken off the priest to engage the last horrors from the first squad. 1 priest vs 3 horrors. 4 attacks, hit on 3+, wound on 2+, I kill 1. Two attacks back, one hits, wounds, I fail my armor save, and then my fnp. Sigh. Later I went through it and there was a 2.5% chance of that happening. Chaos!! His fiends came in next turn, I shot at them, hid in terrain for a turn and then charged in tabling him.

My last game was against Weinas and his GKs. In the previous round he had been undefeated and played Spagatyrine's wolves and lost. All three of us were 3-1 going into the last round. It was dawn of war and objective was to kill the enemies Leader. I hate dawn of war because I don't get my priest out on the table. He seized and roll on with razorbacks and opened fire on me. He was able to see with the majority of his units, and with out FNP, my marines quickly started dying. Two marines left, I moved forward, and hoped to live long enough to keep drawing fire. The last marine almost made it but went down to his last shot. My second squad with my leader and priest decided to not come in until turn 3, even with rerolls. I came in and my melta gun stunned the razorback with his leader. I had dropped at the spot where I would at least get some good cover from rending shots. He jumped his leader squad out and pulled them back to make a defensive line and started shooting. He dropped about 6 of my 11 guys in shooting. I passed my moral (I was scared I would fail again with this squad). I jumped over the razorback, and assaulted into his leader squad. I put my priest against the psycannon GK, and engaged the rest with the squad. I killed all but his hammer toting justicar, who swung back killing two more guys, but my powerfist then came in for the kill.  This left my remaining marines to consolidate 2 inches in the open in the middle of his army. He opened fire and was prepared to charge but the one marine that failed his armor save was my leader, so the Game went to a tie as we had killed each other.

Spag had won his game, and so went to First place, and with the tie Weinas went to second while I claimed 3rd. It was a fun day of combat patrol, I enjoy every game. 500 points is an interesting level to play at, I would definitely do a few things different next time. Maybe I would bring some more shooting, and the powerfist really didn't do too much for me.


  1. lol thunderwolves in a combat patrol? THAT's in the spirit of combat patrol all right

  2. And I guess, Nob Bikers with a painboy and killa kans are in the spirit? 500 points is 500 points. Always have something negative to say don't ya Warboss.

    Maybe you can bring your orks down sometime and put them on the table where your mouth is!

  3. Small-scale, low points is where 40K is best. Love it.

  4. Did the other ork player bring nob bikers? The one I faced was only biker boys.

    Warboss, while it was combat patrol, it was still a tournament. The Thunder wolves can die, just ask Spag.

  5. Nice post man. Hey if you are serious about what we discussed call me or email me. It was really fun to play a small set of games. Grey Knights were at the top again. Hence me trying to learn to beat them! Blood Angels were also tough with the Sang Priest

  6. I was at Sage's Shoppe, think they had 12 or 14 people.

    Hadn't been there before but it was really well run, I'll probably be heading back to their events in the future.

    They have a team tournament coming up in December.

  7. Don't call it a combat patrol if your allowing any unit in, then. There's a format for combat patrol ( was officailly 400 pts, anyway, to keep this exact crap from happening). You can find a good version of it here: http://pitoftheoni.blogspot.com/2008/09/combat-patrol-in-5th-edition.html The idea is to have fun games with light units. Not asking someone with a vanilla list to try and fight T5 multiple wound rending fleet critters with a unit of scouts. As for you, spraug, boasting about yer skilz while running the top two broke codex means crap.('...but I won the Nova blah blah blah)Why don't you impress the hell out of me by winning with vanilla, or some other army (eldar, orks, etc) that doesn't have a built in edge over everyone else (like yer GK/SW bandwagon armies you use)?

  8. I started the Space Wolves bandwagon Warboss. No one played them the way I did anyways, but that is fine in your little box.

    I am starting dark eldar in a fashion that is different than others play so we will see. Maybe when your orks become viable we can get in a game. :)

    @Dodger3, Where was this? You and I are in!! What's the date. Send me an email.

  9. I think it's December 3rd, but I'll most likely be out of town. They gave me a flier to take to G2D4.

  10. Oh, Sage's Shoppe is in Lafayette.

    Their turnout was impressive given that Carlos decided to have a tournament at the Lafayette GP on the same day.

  11. It was combat patrol because there were restrictions. No invulnerable, no more than 2 wounds, no 2+ save, AV cap of 33, etc.
    Thunder wolves just happen to fit within the restrictions. And just because you have so much problem with them doesn't mean they are over powered. They are no worse then bringing bikes really. Plasma gun or powerfist can hold its own against them, or even any other dedicated CC unit.

    @Spag /Dodger; The sage's shoppe in lafayette? I never actually went to it while up there. Spag, can you forward the information to me via email too? I'm a little interested.

  12. @ Warboss....you must lose an awful lot of games for how much crying you do in your responses. Go buy a box of kleenex and take up a hobby that more fits your personality...like knitting.

  13. The Sage's Shoppe team tournament is actually December 4th (a Sunday) and is 1000 points per player (2000 per team).

    The only weird part is that they're apparently requiring the teams to be Trusted Allies from the Apocalypse allies matrix, which is...outdated, to say the least. That forbids everyone except Space Marines (all flavors) and IG from partnering with everyone but themselves, and forbids Dark Eldar from playing at all (Dark Eldar aren't Trusted Allies even to other Dark Eldar).

    I might email them and see if they actually took that into consideration.

  14. This from a cretin that takes his name from Eurotrip... My points were valid...you don't like, there's the door.

  15. Grave, you left out the 3+/4+i that's so important in CP games. Thunderwolves would be much less the problem without SS's. Now if you're trying to tell me most dedicated cc units are on a par with them, with perhaps the exception of blood crushers, then you are flat out wrong.


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