Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting ready for Nova and 6th edition. Space Wolves vs Grey Knights

By Spaguatyrine

So as I get ready for the Nova Invitational and GT the big question is do I really take the new shiny Grey Knights or the old new Space Wolves?

I know I have asked this before, but I have begun playing my space wolves without the Thundercats and really enjoy how they have played. 


I also enjoy the way my grey knights play.  So far I am 6-0 with both lists and have won a tournament with each of them once.  The question is what will the meta be at Nova? 

The space wolves have so much utility and strength in their Grey Hunters, long fangs, Rune priests, and scouts in that order.

The grey knights have so much killing potential in their power weapons, psychic powers, high initiative attacks, psyflemen's, and psyflebacks. 

I believe that a balanced list will do well against any opponent, but how does that list do against it's polar opposite?  Will a player's skill be able to trump the arch nemesis of the list?  That is a question I and we all have to answer when getting ready for any tournament. 

I.E. My thunderwolf list from the Nova Invitational did very well.  If I would have brought my new space wolves list I believe it would have done much better against Nick Nanavati in the final game, but not as good against maybe Alex Fennell. 

See the idea is a list is only a weapon in the hand of a player.  Your list is your sword.  Your deployment is your armor, your knowledge of other armies is your helmet, your strategy is your shield. 

So you can have a great list, but if you do not have strategy, then you are defenseless against anothers list.  If you don't deploy correctly based upon terrain then your armor is flawed and hits to your body may be blocked but feint or riposte will leave you hurting badly.  If you don't know your enemy then a well executed strike will cut your head from your shoulders. 

Put on your entire armor when going into a battle and you have a better chance of coming out victorious!

All this being said I believe grey knights have a higher level of opportunity to overcome the enemy, space wolves have the stability to handle more mistakes of strategy.

What are your thoughts?


  1. From the view point of a competitive gamer I think you should take the army you truly believe is your best bet to win the tournament. I have beaten both GK and SW to win tournaments with other armies so I feel confident not bringing either. People will respect you more for winning with any other army not including IG. That is the way it is.

  2. If you don't mind sharing, since I cannot seem to find your SW list without the thundercats, would you email it to me? I'm interested in running SW's without thunderwolf cav.




    1. Thank you again for the list. I appreciate the time.

      Interestingly enough other then how the wolf guard are equipped and a few 'number of models' in squads it is very similar to what I used at Adepticon and locally.

      Thanks again, I'll be in other corners...


  3. I thought Faith was supposed to be my shield! Heresy!

    My thoughts are now as they have been. Everyone and their brother is preparing to fight Grey Knights for any upcoming major GT. Adepticon is proof of that. Grey Knights are very powerful, but you now have to also overcome everyone list tailoring to beat you as well as having tons of very recent practice games and multiple sessions of mental play outs to defeat your list.

    So, unless you GK list is a significant deviation from the norm, as in not Paladin-star (half of the Adepticon team-tourney, Blackmoor), not Coteaz/Purifier/DCA/Psybolt Dread (a.k.a Josh Robert, Brad Chester), and not a Crowe/Purifier list (just extremely common), it is highly likely that your potential opponents have thought about and practiced how they will combat you again, and again, and again.

    That doesn't meant they can beat you, though. Grey Knights are just powerful, period. :)

    That being said, you play Wolves regularly and so have already gone through multiple years now of being the top army that everyone plans to play against. You survived that very well. Although, your Wolf list, if I remember correctly, was pretty unorthodox (as in not a Tony Kopach list or an Andrew Sutton MSU spam list).

    Either way, you can bet that guys like me have already hedged their bets considerably on how to beat Grey Knights, not just for the Invitational but for the GT as well.

    So, from me, this is neither an endorsement of your Wolves or the Knights, but rather just a thought process of preparation and what to expect.

    1. I agree that the space wolves are the second best codex. I also believe I can beat regular grey knight players with my wolves. If 2 players of equal skill meet and one sword is bigger, sharper, etc then it goes to fighting an uphill battle. I really am digging the new way I am playing the space wolves which is a mixture of Kopach and Spaguatyrine which I will call........

      KoSpag! :) LOL.

      But I see your points about the Grey Knight craze. My build is for grey knights is kind of like Nick Nanavati, Andrew Gonyo, and Spaguatyrine which I will call...........

      NanaGoSpag! :)))

      Look to see you there!

  4. In my honest opinion, I think the wolves should take the field as the Grey Knights are a far too common a sight on the field and many people will not expect wolves to be competitive. It was a very common sight at the Indy Open. What wolves lists I did see, I was unimpressed with, great lists for what they were doing but were not executed very well.

    You have a good head on your shoulders and are very smart with your strategy, I think you will do a fantastic job with your wolves. I think they are the favorite to give you a better shot at a win than the Grey knights.

  5. Challenge yourself and go with neither. You've already won with them, there's nothing left to prove.

  6. Or, try a little diffrent mix up of your wolves. I played in a tourney a few months back where the wolf guy augmented his two Longfang packs with Wolf Guards in termiantor armor with Cyclone launchers while the other eight charged around in a land raider.

  7. You have Nid and IG armies. Go win with them. Wolves and GKs aren't a challenge dude.

  8. Heh, play what you want man. Sure, if you take GKs, you'll end up playing against a tailored list or two, by a few players who aren't as skilled as you, and you'll still crush them. Then, when you make your way to the upper levels, everyone will have balanced lists because good players can win off of balance and have no need to tailor their lists.

    People who say GKs aren't challenging mean that GKs wielded by a good player vs. an average player is no challenge (when is good vs. average ever a challenge?) GKs vs. a top-tier player isn't just a walk in the park though. You still have to outplay them. Who cares about the initial rounds against people you're better than? Take what list you can outplay other good players with, and realistically win a huge tournament full of really great players.

    The Nova isn't going to be a 'cakewalk' for anyone, GKs or no.

    In that same vein, I vote you take Nids, so there's one less great player I don't have to contend with at the Nova :-p

  9. I'm in the same spot trying to decide what to go with Wolves or Grey Knights for Nova. I'm hearing Nova might be 6th edition so that would really mix things up. I'm also curious what your 2k mech wolf list looks like. I know you like the Cyclone terminator over the las/plas razor for objective holding squads. Haven't had a chance to playtest mine yet.


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