Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sneaky =I= PDFs

by: farmpunk

I wanted to be early to spot the Inquisition PDF's. I wanted to see if my hunches were right.

ok, I wanted to see WHICH of my hunches were right. Since What GW tells us, or more likely DOESN'T tell us with the PDF releases for WH and DH might give some insight into plans. or lack thereof.

First, I give Kudos to MVBrandt from Whiskey&40k for spotting this, and showing me where to find this:

DaemonHunters PDF Codex

WitchHunters PDF Codex

so there you are. 2 codexes. in PDF. look close.

The allies/induction rules are MISSING from the DH codex.
The allies rules are MISSING from the WH codex.
that's all.
no changes otherwise.

so what's it mean?
GW didn't like the allies abuses? maybe.
The Codexes are a throwback to a different time in 40K? yeah. esp. the allies rules.

I was 90% sure the =I= codexes would come out missing the allies rules. If not 100% sure. GW's going to release new versions of the =I=. It's best to undo all of the allies business in one fell swoop.
a-la PDF.
gone are the quandries about Vulkan w/Sisters
gone are the IG with 'good hoods', Emperor's Tarots, and Mystics (noone really ever allied in their poorer cousin the WH Inq.)
gone is my =I= mashup.

but all is not lost. my WH w/IG is still valid. which is good for me, I suppose. But it does make life harder for DH players.
then again, from my experience, a lot of DH players tend to be GK 'purists' and were already playing with their hands tied.
*sigh* no more GKT's firing two Psycannons out of the back of a Chimera.
which might be why the induction got taken away.

I think it speaks some of GW's plans for the =I=. I feel that the DH book will be out by the end of the year or so. why? There are already rumors of GK's being spotted with more frequency in GW studios, and the DH codex got a more restrictive cut to it than the WH did.
I'm expecting a codex with a lot more GK stuff, and harder Chaos fighting ability. An elite force. Sadly inducted IG don't really fit into that mindset. I had really hoped DH and WH would retain Induction. I like it.

I'm just not sure an IG equivalent will make it into the new DH codex. IST's probably will, just not IG. IST's might get upgraded to be like IG ST's, but I'd almost guess for a basic gun that's S3 AP5 ignore Invul. like a Hellgun with Ghostbuster juice. it's not super useful against most stuff, but boy, will it clean Daemons.
As far as what the GK's will get to flesh out their book, I won't speculate too much.
I am expecting Land Raider variants, and a StormRaven.

for WH, I think they're a while off. maybe within the next year to year and a half. WH aren't hurting as much, and induction still leaves them a LOT of options. I feel currently, WH are being realized as more competitive than a lot of people thought. =I= has been dismissed for a while, it's about time people realized that a whole lot of light armor surging towards you is tough to deal with.
so you stopped 4 of my 12 transports... I've got 8 more, and they're in melta range. plus, my crazy troops are in power armor! and the platoon in the back is stubborn Ld9! rawr!

I'll think more on what this means today, and see if I can give some more analysis.
but for now, EVERYONE can own the WH/DH codexes!


  1. If only they'd do this for every Codex.

  2. yeah, I wouldn't have to look around the 'net to find PDF's of stuff I want to browse.

  3. I like how they didn't change any glaring points discrepancies, put in 5th edition smoke launchers, or any other major differences with the newer codices either. They just.... tore pages out.

    Who let Jervis near the good computer again?

  4. Oddly, with the lack of mystics and hoods and tarot in non =I= lists, psykers get a bit of a boost, like Eldar and Tyranids... I'm happy about that.

  5. It's obvious. They lost the original files, so they had to scan in the printed codex. And since they don't have a silence for Adobe PDF Creator, they just didn't scan in the allies page. Simple really.

    They also paid an intern to do it, and he didn't know how to use the copy machine to scan to PDF. It took him 3 months to figure it out.

  6. I didn't see anywhere where they said that the incomplete PDF scan invalidated the actual printed codex.

    Don't expect to see people change things until after the actual updated books come out. Until then all the Vulkan/Inq type stuff will continue.

  7. the PDF's are the most up to date version of the codex, and therefore the current version that everyone's supposed to go by.

    People will still use allies in 'friendly' games. and I'm betting more people than will allow DH allies will allow DH induction.

    until the new codex comes out, that is.

  8. @CaulynDarr

    Funny, but they're not scans. If you zoom in on the page the text renders clearly even as the background image pixelates. They also clearly changed the formatting on a couple of pages and deleted entire sections of fluff/pics while updating the page numbers.

    So... They could have re-costed the vehicles, clarified the outdated induction options, and brought the special rules (smoke) in line with the current norm. But they chose not to. (sigh)

  9. Hahaha, ya.... I'm still waiting for my Tyranid FAQ. GW finds time to pretty much come up with the exact same codex minus two pages, but can't do an FAQ that is almost 6 months due. Sigh...

  10. You know, honestly I wonder if we all put up with GW's bad decisions like FAQ's and such simply because we are used to it by now.

    Imagine if lets say a company that makes golfing equipment or tennis equipment did business the way GW does.. 'Yeah we know that these clubs hit left by 3degrees, but just wait for 4 years, we'll get them fixed when we make a new series.. but here check out our new line of golf shoes!!'

    yeah see how that would go over.. they would go under pretty quick. GW sadly has the monopoly on GW games though :)

  11. @Varnish

    That would make sense if their primary business model was selling golf balls. 3 degrees left means more lost golf balls, means more golf ball sales.

    Remember GW considers themselves a miniatures company that happens to sell rules.

  12. @Matt Varnish

    Heh, works for Microsoft. But for how much longer?

  13. UH hum gentlemen:

    Shouldn't have got you're hopes up quite so fast, :D

    Es painted minis

  14. What!?!?

    (Bangs head against table)

    I call BS on this. Not saying the poster is lying, just that the left cheek at GW doesn't know what the right cheek is expelling in this case.

    Clearly, whoever edited the codices intended to do what they did, else they just would have put the old codices up verbatim. It took more effort to edit things out. And it's not like it would have made that much difference in GW's bandwidth costs to just put the whole thing up, pictures and all.

    So now we have a case where some armies will be legal -or not, depending on the whim of individual tourney organizers? Sounds like a deliberate FU to DH/WH players and a lazy, mealy-mouthed sop to everyone who cried about Mystics and unlimited range hoods.


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