Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farmpunk Pulls The Trigger

by SandWyrm

Farmpunk and I were going to head down to Gamerz last night for some free Flames of War action, but we decided that it wasn't worth the gas or the 1.5 hours of round-trip driving to get there and back. So we headed over to the GP North instead. Where Farmpunk used his points to buy the FoW starter box.

We played a few Sherman vs. Stug scenarios before discussing what armies we want to collect. Farmpunk wants to do French troops, but that's kind of limiting era-wise. So he's talking about doing mid-war Americans to start with (possibly painted as Free French). I'm wanting to do North African Germans, so at least that would let us get in some Rommel vs. Patton action. Looking through the North Africa book, I tried to come up with some ideas for the kind of Afrikakorps force that I want to do.

What's nice about Flames is that you have multiple army lists per faction. So if you want to do a German armored company, your minimum is a PzIII/IV HQ tank and 2 PzIII/IV platoons. You then have a limited number of options for filling out the rest of the army. You don't just get to pick anything else from the book that you want, as in 40K. In flames, the individual lists dictate your options. In Armored companies, your infantry options are limited. In infantry companies, your armor options are limited.

The point costs will be different for the same unit in different lists too. I like that.

Want to do a Heavy Armored Company? Looks like that's 4 Tigers at 1500 points. Ouch! 3 is the minimum you can take, and there aren't a lot of other options available to that list. On the up side, the list would cost less than $100 to collect. :)

I'm actually pretty interested in the armored car company, but while it's flexible and has variety, it doesn't seem to have access to Marders. I like Marders, so I want to find a way to use some. :)

Hmmnnn... choices choices.


  1. I have some Pack 40's, Panzer IIIs, Stugs, Tigers and other random stuff I'm still looking to get rid of. Even got a core rule book and a few army books if you want them.

  2. Puny Germans are weak. RUSSIANS AM STRONG!

  3. @CaulynDarr

    I'd like to look at what you have.

  4. @SandWyrm
    If you are going to be at the G2D4 tournament on the 22nd I'll bring them with me.

  5. @CaulynDarr

    Let's plan on that. Now I just need to find a sitter for that day...

  6. I have alot of US. Shermans, Stuarts, Sherman 76's, halftracks, M10, M16, spotter plane, Priests, M155

  7. Yay!
    Another FoW victim!
    Yeah...I saw it coming.
    FoW is da awesome, and anybody that has a Tank 'thing' (and who doesn't, amirite?)is gonna go bonkers.
    I gotta get me some Pumas....

  8. I forgot to add that I will trade/sell my stuff.
    I have a lot of the books and the FOW Battlefoam case also.

  9. @shmi

    I've still got your e-mail from earlier this year. I'm working on getting some money together. An upcoming Birthday and Christmas help that.

  10. @Farmpunk

    Cool. I'm always looking for more Daemons and maybe DE. I will be at G2D4 Saturday 10/8. I will bring my stuff if you want to see it.

  11. @TheNeverThere

    Given how the actual war turned out, Russians most definitely am strong.


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