Friday, June 26, 2009

First Vassal Battle will be...

Our first Vassal 40K battle will be GK's vs. Dark Angels (maybe DeathWing) at 1000pts. We will probably do it on a 4x4 table, since 1000pts on a 6x4 isn't a lot of models, and we'd spend most of the game walking around, not necessarily doing a lot.

I think I've got my list down. I promised no crazy inquisitor dakka squad with anti-deepstrike mystics, and we've both agreed to no LandRaiders. Both Chambers and I wanted a simple game for our first one. GK's have simple enough rules, and so do DA's. Esp. if Chambers does Deathwing.

With GK's there's not a LOT of variation. At least 1 squad with psycannons, and possibly a termie retinue for the GM with a psycannon or two.

It should come down to Marines in termie armor getting beat on by GK's in power armor. He'll have nasty Assault cannons, I'll have not so nasty Psycannons.

I'm hoping we can get the game started mailing back and forth this weekend. That is, if working on the new house, and moving doesn't get too much in the way.

I'll put up lists for each force when we start playing.


  1. I am in fact running a DW list, I figure that the fewer models on the table for me to "push" around the better for the first time out.

    Do you want to set up the board or should I do it?

  2. Good luck; have fun!

    I've learned to love Vassal...but it takes bloody ages with the inf-heavy gaurd I tend to use!

    - Drax.

  3. Excellent! Good luck with your first game on Vassal - it certainly is a great invention. Drax and I know how long winded moving infantry can be, so DW will be a huge bonus!


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