Friday, June 12, 2009

induction junction, what's your function?

I was reading the new 'ard boys rules, just having learned that apparently they're still happening this year...

and I wanted to know what was allowed for armies and forces, since that seems to be one of the more 'official' places to look.

and I saw something that made me almost squeal with glee..
2009 'ard Boys Rules

With new Space Marine and new Imperial Guard codexes out there, I was wondering what GW decided to say about induction. I wondered if they'd treat the changes like Bell of Lost Souls Con does. (allowing platoons, and upgrade characters, scout sentinels, but not armored sentinels, and 1 Leman Russ suqadron)

lo and behold, I think 'ard boys might have done me an even BIGGER favor. Veteran Squads can be taken as a troop choice. kinda like the old Armored fist, but cheaper and better! Armored AND Scout sentinels can be taken, and 1 squadron of Leman Russes.

sweet. I might have more justification to make my armored list OF DOOM!

I'm really thinking of trying this out now. WitchHunters as the parent list, 2 exorcists, 2 Russes, 2-3 Rhino squads.. maybe some armored sentinels for higher armor saturation....

I might be able to make my dream armor list after all.


  1. Well, that's good enough for me. At least for casual games. Though you still might have trouble getting the ok for this at local tourneys.

    Are you going to try and get this by Steve tomorrow?

  2. although it WOULD be awesome... I don't know for sure what rules they're exactly using tomorrow.

    still showing up with 2 russes and 2 exorcists would make a LOT of Smurf players pee their pants.

    I'll ask tomorrow what version of induction they're going to use for next time.


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