Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying something New out...

We're going to try something new out shortly, Chambers and I are gearing up at full-tilt molasses speed to do some Vassal40K battles, and get those reports up for tactical analysis. To let you guys tell me how dumb I am for charging too close to Chambers too soon.

We're going to try to e-mail the game to one another, and take our turns. Then we'll take time to talk about what we chose and why. Hopefully, we can get some good tactics discussions going, and everyone can learn something.

I'm hoping this might become our weekly big post, or biweekly regular post.

It should also allow us to try out some experimental theoryhammer, and/or help us to discuss how to deal with 'problem' lists. (that might be after the 'ard Boys, so we can see what the true cheddar this year really is... will it be a Lysander boy party? or lil dudes in outflanking flying tanks?)

any thoughts? requests?


  1. Awesome, I'll make sure to link over here from V40k when they're posted ;)

  2. Nice one.

    I often go one alone offline, just to try new stuff out...


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