Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Indy 40K Tourney continued...

by: farmpunk

It's time to finish getting up the tourney report. I've been pretty busy at home and work. My game 2 was vs. Carlos' Tyranid list. I thought maybe I'd have a decent shot.

 Carlos' Tyranid list

He kicked me around the board. I shot into his Tyrannofex first turn, thinking I could land shots on it, and take him down after I'd finished off the Zoanthropes. I was wrong.
The objective is the blue chip in the center of the board, it acts as an IC, but can't get in a transport, and has no statline.

 left side of the board after I moved 2nd turn

I hit him with a lot of shots (8 wounds, I think). Carlos saved every one with his 4+ cover save. Turn 2, and  turn 3 would find me shooting horribly, and Carlos still making good saves. I strayed too close to the table edges in my movements, and didn't put down NEARLY enough bugs before The Genestealers came in, outflanking from reserve.

 my right side of the board turn2, and the 'Stealers come in

and genestealers pour in the left side too

I underestimate Ravener and Genestealers, as they disable the Immo.

 Warriors snack on a rhino with Sisters, and start walking the objective off the board.

 Obviously my shooting was a moot point, as the nids run rampant.

 End of the game. Tyranids eating tanks, and still holding the objective.
 as a shooty army, it's hard to do anything when you can't hit. with a BS4, I should hit 2/3 of the time. When I'm hitting 1/3 of my shots, and then still have to wound, shots don't go very far.
Carlos and I enjoyed the game. It's a good game when you're both at ease enough to discuss why we made the decisions we made during the game. In Retrospect, I should have moved EVERYTHING up the center towards the Warriors, but I wanted to leave firing lanes open to shoot down the Zoanthropes. I did kill them. pretty easily.
I didn't have a great plan for attack, I think.

Game 3:
My next game would get me some relief. I drew Archfiend of Dezdemon (Evil Ted). He'd brought his ork Trukk force:

Weirdboy 55pts

Burna Boyz (11 Burna) 180pts
     MekBoy (Kustom Mega Blasta, Mek Tools)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts
     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts

     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts

     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts

     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts

     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Boyz (10 Choppa/Slugga) 151pts

     Boyz Nob (Power Klaw, Slugga, 'eavy Armor, Bosspole)
     Trukk (Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram)

Fast Attack:
3 Warbuggies (Twin-Linked Rokkit Lauchas) 105pts

3 Warbuggies (Skorcha) 120pts

Heavy Support:
Battlewagon (Big Shoota, Zzap gun, Armor plates, Grot Rigger, Reinforced Ram) 130pts

 I Like playing AoD. I think this might have actually been our first game together. When I go to the South store, it seems like either someone's called him out, or someone calls me out for a game, and we don't actually play, we just joke and talk tactics. He's our Orky Guru for a reason ;P
Our mission had a diagonal deployment, with points for getting more of your units into the opponent's deployment than they have in yours. There were also points for killing their HQ.

Archfiend went first, or siezed the init, I don't remember. He rushed everything forward, and I rushed forward to meet him with Meltas and Immolators. Lots of his armor died, and a lot of boys died to Hflamers.
During turn2, I'm ready to shoot, left side of board
Turn 2, right side of the board

I think the BW was Destroyed in the terrain. In front of the left Chimera, the Weirdboy and his entourage are trying to kill the Chimera. They do wreck the Chimera, but the Inq. gets out, to go find a new ride.
 Sisters got out of their chimera to gun down the boyz in the backfied.
midfield torching continues. I moved two transports forward into the deployment zone

In the end, I think I had 4 units in AoD's backfield, to his 4 in mine. I scored on killing his wierdboy, and having my Inquisitor alive.
Overall, a game where Orks want to get close to beat on me, and I want the orks close, so I can shoot the crap outta 'em.

Game 4:

Aaron B. brought some Space Marines, and a mascot.

Chaplain Cassius (Bolt Pistol, Crozius Arcanum, Infernus, Frags, Kraks, Rosarius) 125pts

Sternguard (3 Bolters, 1 Meltagun) 245pts
     Sergeant (PFist, B Pistol)
     Razorback (TL Hbolter, E. Armor, smokes)

Tactical Squad (7 Bolter, Plasmagun, Plasma Cannon) 250pts
     Sergeant (Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol)
     Rhino (Smokes)

Tactical Squad (7 Bolter, Meltagun, Missile Launcher) 230pts
     Sergeant (Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol)
     Razorback (TL Heavy Bolter, smokes)

Tactical Squad (7 bolter, Meltagun, Lascannon) 245pts
     Sergeant (PFist, B Pistol)
     Rhino (smokes)

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder (HFlamer, Multi-Melta) 70pts

Land Speeder (Hbolter, Assault Cannon) 90pts

Heavy Support:
Predator (TL Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons, E. Armor) 135pts

Predator (TL Lascannon, Hbolter sponsons, E. Armor) 145pts

This mission was standard deployment, with 2 objectives, 1 each in our deployment zones. Mine is under the platoon. Aaron's is over in the opposite corner behind his hill. I think Aaron went first.

Left side, beginning turn1

Right side, beginning of turn1

He moved up his rhinos agressively, and popped smokes. I took down both of his speeders, and messed up the Lascannon turreted Pred.

Aaron B. popped one of the Rhinos, so the Sisters kicked the Platoon Command Squad out their chimera, and took off. I figured the IG could run.

Aaron assaulted the Immo on the far left, and got his guys out to shoot at the chimera, but to little effect. I think the exorcist was finishing off the predator.

The lascannon sponson Predator hides, and prepares for my transports to advance.

well there WERE 5 marines on the side of that Immolator. I moved the other Immo over to strengthen the wall of steel.
 I moved the Rhino up for a dump out, and move up the Chimera for fire support. I knew with me pulling off defending my objective, I just had to contest his. His objective would be contested, at least. I had hoped to be able to claim it, but I wasn't going to be able to kill off the two tanks, plus Cassius, plus the marines that were parked on top.
I got close in the end, but just not enough shooting.

In all, I had a good time, and good opponents. I took 3rd. For going 3W 1L. not too shabby. I tried the Inquisitor squad with 3 meltas this time, and liked it. I think I prefer it to the Jumpy Cannoness. It's putting more tanks on the table, and more melta. I think it's time to paint up my old Praetorian flamer guys, so my PCS can be 4 flamers, rather than 3-4 Meltas. Melta's nice to have, but so are 4 flamers. I might have to put meltabombs in the squad to kill a tank in a pinch.
I think I also need to finally break down and get some Cadians, and heads from Pig Iron, to make Stormies. I keep hoping and hoping for plastic stormies. They'll probably get unveiled as soon as I get my cadian IST's converted and painted.
Then again, I've been 'planning' on doing this since last November.


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