Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upcoming Tournament: Armored Gopher Games

by: farmpunk

We got an e-mail about our friends over in Champaign-Urbana, IL. having a 1500pt tourney on July 31st.

Here's the lowdown:
Armored Gopher Games
The 40K Tourney will be held Saturday July 31.
It will be from 12-6pm at Armored Gopher Games, 1502 N Cunningham Ave, Urbana IL.

Entry is $10, 1500 pts, Red Book, Current Codex and FAQ's allowed, no Forge World. 3 printouts of your list for your opponents.

Should be a pretty straightforward event, 3 games at 1500. I'm guessing 1:45 for games, 15 min to move tables.

Armored Gopher is where Chambers and I used to play, way back in the day. It's a good group, and should be a good time for any of you close enough to make the noon start time. I'm not for certain how many slots they have available. I'm guessing 16 slots total.
if you're interested, you can look 'em up on Facebook, or at:


  1. Tempting, but a little too far for me.

  2. It's about a 2hr shot over on I-74.

    Illinois is on Central time though. so it's not too bad.

    If I didn't have family stuff going on, I'd be headed over.

    There might be some other guys willing to go if there's a carpool.

  3. If I were over with the in-laws in Chicago I'd be there like a shot...sadly, I'll have to pass.

    Good luck though. I like 1500pt games.

  4. If there was a carpool I would definately head on over for the tourney.

  5. I'm from Champaign Illinois too and might attend this if I can be sure that some of the Competitive players who frequent the blog will show up. Generally I frequent the other FLGS (Dragons Table woot woot)and since the two store owners hate each other if you attend one you don't really go to the other that much.

    My question regarding the tourney is if there's a 10$ fee is there any sort of prize or do I just have to pay to go to a tourney where potentially very few people show up.


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