Monday, July 12, 2010

Emo-Wing: Angelus Denique Contraho!

by SandWyrm

Behold the Sulk! The Emo-Wing is now assembled!

25 Sanguinary Guard x 12 parts each = 300 freakin' parts that I had to trim and file! Arrrgh!

Plastic Death Company JumpPack for Dante = Much less falling over

Somebody in Champaign, IL gave me an armless Mephiston about a year and a half ago. So he got a Death Company Backpack and a Sanguinary Guard sword. They look nice on him.

Deathmasks are the coolest, but I wasn't gonna waste points by putting them on the SGs.

The gunners, they cry for the smoking hole in your soul. :)

I'll probably take them to the FLGS for a trial run this Wednesday. Though they won't be painted at all.


  1. At least give them a priming.

    Looks like a smexy army though :D

  2. I brought my Just assembled Angels for a game yesterday night. I got pounded by Space marines in a 2v2 game. Granted my partner was playing a reserves list, so I was a huge fire magnet. I think I'll need another game before I make up my mind with them. Hopefully before I put to much more work on them.
    What tactics are you planning with them?
    Grey-plastic angels unite!

  3. What kind of Blood Angels list are you running TGM?

    Tactics-wise, I'm planning to deep strike most of the force in on turn 2. The speeders are there because I can't block tanks with foot troops, and they're a great distraction/speedbump for other kinds of units.

    For a more competitive list I'll drop the Sanguinor/Mephiston and add either more speeders or some Rifleman Dreds to provide long-range AT fire.

  4. Well I was trying to keep to a theme/fun list, but it doesn't seem all that practical. Mostly because I don't know how to play space marines properly.
    For now I'm sticking to a mech list. I'm working at 1.5k but I want to go a little higher so I can add in some of the fun units I'm building.

  5. Also, you speeders look amazing! Am I the only one who has trouble building them? My top piece was horrible warped or something, same with one of my tanks pieces. Sigh tanks....

  6. @TGM

    The Speeders were a pain. The hull pieces didn't fit together right, so I ended up cutting off various guide bits. The hulls then fit together perfectly.

  7. Might I ask what FLGS you'll be headed to, as I'm going to be heading to the southside preserve wednesday in search of a game or two.

  8. We're usually at the GP North on Wednesdays.

    I was actually toying with bringing a DH force this week.

  9. I like the look of the army as a whole, especially the DMs on the Speeder crew...but it makes me think how much Dante just doesn't look as good as the Sang Guard.

    Hrmm. I know a guy converted his own from Sang Guard pieces, so I might look for his work, I believe he did a guide to the conversion...

  10. In fact here is a link buddy! :D

  11. @TKE

    I like the general idea of that conversion, but not that one specifically. The greenstuff work sucks, and the wings/backpack are out of proportion to the rest of the model. Looks like he used the command squad torso/legs, which I find ridiculously stumpy looking.

    Let's see what Dante looks like when I paint him up. :)

  12. I prefer the Tycho, save the face.

  13. Lauby linked to this article on his site and I'm glad I stopped by. He's right - this is one of the coolest things I ever seen.

    It makes me happy looking at it... it's gamer porn.

    Don't worry - both hands are on the keyboard.

    Awesome job - simply cool.

  14. Oh man, now I can't wait to get my Bloodwing started.

  15. The army looks great, and should be a blast to play. Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" this idea :)


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