Monday, July 26, 2010

It Had To Happen Eventually...

by SandWyrm

Yep, it had to happen sometime. The Emo-Wing got called cheesy by some guys at the South Store last night after I slaughtered someone else's poorly built Marine list.

Of course, right after that Buckler beat me with his Necrons. :)

Sooooo overpowered! :P


  1. Just remember: "fluffy and balanced" is whatever *my* army can do; "cheesy/beardy" is whatever *your* army can do that mine can't.

  2. I love when I'm setting up somewhere, and I hear "oh. Sisters of Battle, and some Guard. Haven't seen them in a while. They're an old codex. This will be easy."

    then after we play, I hear "Cheese Codex!, You can't do that." grumble grumble.

    cheesecalls happen to all armies.
    especially when a force with forethought faces off against a hodge podge.

  3. At the FLGS words like 'cheese' and 'beardy' haven't been heard in an age. Some point of critical mass was reached where people realized if it could be built legally by a codex, that was okay.

    I used to love it when some self-professed expert tried to explain why my perfectly legal army wasn't fluff-appropriate. Any gamer with half an imagination can retcon fluff on the spot, making it suitable for his list.

    That doesn't matter. What people always, always mean is, "It beat me; I don't like it."

    The Emo Wing is probably the least cheesy and most enjoyable army I've seen in a long time!

  4. Wow, someone really said it? How old was this person?

    Like Brent, I have not heard this about a legal, current-codex army in ages!

    I could see if you were playing an out of date codex in a current edition or something, but Blood Angels just came out!

  5. Tee hee, I've had the same happen.

  6. Of course the weekend I miss, you show up. sigh.
    I've been bringing my WIP BA list for the past three weeks ish. Ya, everyone there calls them cheese. Some people are more serious than others. I know one guy calls them cheese angles, and also calls tyranids cheese, and means it. To the point were he'll often refuse to play against tyranids. To each his own.

    I don't think I've ever actually called something out as cheese. I've so jokingly, but there are few things that are honestly cheese. 10 man SS/TH terms, and Jaws. and that is because I'm a Nid player.

    Oh, and those necrons are way overpowered and undercosted, I can't wait till their new codex comes out and nerfs them all! ;P

  7. Sanguard have their ups and downs. They're pretty rock solid, but they do have their con's. It's similar in a lot of ways to a Deathwing list.

    Some lists will have an easier time than others, but I don't think there are any well built lists that just stand no chance against Sanguard in general.

    I've said before that I have some issues with Meph, but that's the Nid player in my talking. He falls flat to heavy shooting, but that's just something that Nids don't have. Maybe orks as well would have the same issue, but about every other army can (and often will) spam Melta and finish him off with a powerfist or two.

  8. My Ork lists used to be called cheesy, even when I didn't use Nob Bikes. Sigh.

    It's done jokily, but I'm known by some as a 'cheesy player' mostly for my Eldar. I get to use an underpowered overcosted old Codex, you use your FotM army, and when I still kick your ass, I am the 'cheesy' one. El oh el.

  9. @CounterFett

    The 2 guys complaining the most were in their 20's and 40's. When I tried to explain that my Guard list would eat my Sanguard for lunch, they just switched their bellyaching from Blood Angels to Guard. :)


    You're right. Buckler baited me into coming after his bunched up troops en masse to fade him out, and then teleported a unit over to the other side of the table to threaten my objective before I could get to it.. Forcing me to cross BACK over the table under torrents of fire from his Destroyers. His monolith simply moved up and contested the objective I did grab.

    Hooked, reeled, and served for dinner. :)

  10. Which Marine player did you play against Sandwyrm? Also, as said above, I haven't heard anything called cheesy in quite a while.

  11. I played a new 20-something kid who had added a Rhino and some standard Termies, plus a couple of Devastator squads to an assault on Black Reach set. Including 5 standard termies that he walked right into my jaws.

    He took his whipping like a man and was eager for my advice on how to improve his army after he conceded. It was the other two guys that gave me a hard time, with a chorus from the table full of Warmachine players in the corner.

    I think the cheese-talk is what convinced Buckler to play me with his Necrons. He wanted to me able to say he beat me. And he did. :)

  12. It wasn't just the cheese-talk! I also felt bad that you came all this way down here to get a new player that was easily beaten. Plus it was a new army you were wanting to try out, and I hadn't played in like 3 or 4 months.

    Besides, you're the one always trying to get me to play! =P


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