Monday, July 26, 2010

Speeder Name Poll: And the Winner Is...

by SandWyrm

Yeah, it figures. I put a joke choice in for yuks and 25% of you go and vote for it. Sheesh. Do you really want to try and figure out which Duran I'm talking about when I do my battle reports?

Just for that you get to see middle-aged Simon Le Bon in his swimsuit. :P

2nd place was "Razor, Wrist, and Scar". While the Neon Genesis Evangellion fans took 3rd place with "Shinji, Rei, and Asuka".

So based on these results, here's my decision:

The 3 Emo-Wing Speeders will hereby be named "Razor, Wrist, and Duran Duran". Which has a nice poetic ring, and isn't too confusing.

Now that that's done, I'll go back to trying to figure out the end of "End of Evangellion".


  1. I actually had to look up Duran duran to find out who/what they were.
    and I was hoping for the buffy reference. Now I have names for my future targets!

  2. if I've learned something about polls, it's that the joke always wins....

  3. Had to look up...Oh man, do I feel old. I'll bet he's never heard of Dire Straits, either.

    Skip Eva and go watch Gurren Lagann ;)

  4. Sandwyrm, I feel like your personally challenging me to find a worse picture of someone with no pants on.

  5. I challenge Lauby to find a pic of Prince Charles in only chaps

  6. @TGM

    You whipper-snapper!


    Consider yourself challenged. ;)


    If you dare.

  8. 10/10 on the gross meter. But he's not famous, is he?

  9. he's internet famous. Does that count?

  10. Despite looking a bit like Ron Jeremy's retarded cousin, no.

  11. well, according to the criteria I just now created in my head, I fell like I've won. So... mission accomplished.

  12. Yay for objective reality!!! ;P

  13. Crap.

    I should know better than to follow one of Lauby's links.


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