Sunday, January 20, 2013

K-Town Throwdown

So it looks like we will be doing our 3rd K-Town Throwdown for 40k on February 23rd starting at 12 noon. This will be a 32 man tournament. We will be running a win/loss format using the primer missions from The Indy Open that happens the following week in Indianapolis. Should be 3 rounds for everyone and a fourth round for the final 2. Games 2 Die for and the guys from The Indy Open have graciously offered up some terrain to use. We will be posting the missions in the next couple of days and such.

Message us at GamerDMZ on Facebook or John Brothers at
Please put "40KTOURNAMENT" in the subject heading.

So here are the main details
The Monthly K-Town Throwdown
Saturday February 23rd: 12:00 pm- til 9pm.
Prize support:
1st place: $90
2nd place: $30
3rd place: $15

Best painted Army( judged by people at the tournament) : $20
Best painted miniature: : $10

Aegis Defence lines are allowed and so are Bastions.

Our last few tournaments were a few years ago and both had 28 and 30 players respectively. We are looking forward to bringing you some fun and good times and hope to see you there.


  1. Gonna be in Kokomo yo, for those that don't know.

    Gamer DMZ LLC
    1233 W. Jackson St. Ste. A
    Kokomo, IN. 46901
    (765) 868-8330

    1. $15 to play btw. Sorry, we missed some of the stuff to put into it. Hope to see you all there, Uberdark. :)

    2. OMG....I'm having a real brain fart today.....

      1500 points.

    3. I'll try to get the day off and toss some dice with you all!


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