Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indy Open GT Mission Posted

By Spaguatyrine

The Missions for The Indy Open GT are out......

This link will take you to the missions tab for the open.  We are continuing to test these missions and will finalize them by February 3rd.  Any changes in these missions will be very minor if there are any.  All 7 missions are available for your review. 

The Missions

The FAQ is currently being worked on with Mike and the Head Judge and will be completely updated 2 weeks before the event. If you have specific questions you may either post them here or email us at:

Painting guidelines are also posted on the site.

Don't forget to register for your hotel room.  We are considering having open gaming or challenge gaming Friday night. If anyone is interested throw us a request. 

We look forward to seeing you there. There are some spots still open but they are going fast.  Sign up today. 

The Indy Open


  1. this is Brodrick and I would be interested in gaming on Friday night as I will be in town. Staying at relatives so no hotel isn't an issue.

    1. When are you going to come and get in a game with me? shoot me a message on the email I sent you.

  2. A couple things:

    -Is it wounds or points per wound that is the tie break? The way it's written is slightly unclear.

    -Line under mission one's deployment doesn't match the deployment noted later in mission one.

    -Mission #4 has the same issue as mission one. Deployment is not consistant thru the entry.

    -In Mission #3 under Objectives you could delete this "and the relic."

    You have Purge the Alien (KP's) as primary objectives in 5/7 missions. The rulebook uses it as an objective 1/6. Seems extremely high to have that many games include KP's and encourages certain types of armies.

    Just the stuff I noticed and my opinion. :)

  3. Unfortunately adepticon has this in their set up. I will shore up the typos today.

    1. Adepticon has a single mission up. Unless they have shared info regarding their missions it's a little crazy to assume that 5/7 missions should have KP's in them. It's just something to be aware of since it's gamable.

  4. I have 4 missions from Matt. 1 we disqualified. :)

  5. We are play testing 2 different missions this week to add to the list.

  6. I love that these are (only slightly modified) book missions. Kudos!

  7. I'll say for a big GT that is supposed to be competative, these missions don't do it justice. 5/7 missions have KP as primary, not to mention the extensive use of mysterious objectives. Every missions seems have some combination of KP/relic/mysterious. These are about the three least competative missions.

    The having to use set dice is annoying, but can be dealt with. I hope I'm getting atleast 12 dice to use, cause some armies roll lots of dice.
    I say we should all use the same list as well, so no one army has unfair advantage.

    1. I can't speak to the missions, but...

      Having tourney-provided dice isn't just to foil cheaters with loaded dice, or dice with mixed special markings. It also engenders trust. It's something that should allow you to relax and not silently question every run of good luck that your opponent has during a game.

      I wasn't consulted on the decision, but I think having provided dice will be a good thing. I'm also pretty certain that we'll have either standard blocks of Chessex dice, or a big common bucket that you can pull as many dice out of as you need.

  8. Sorry, GraveMind, but you're only getting 5 six sided dice and a four sided one ;-)

    More seriously, why is having to use set dice annoying to you? It doesn't bother me one bit, and I can't see why it would bother anyone.

    As far as the missions, I can appreciate your concern. I really like the modified crusade mission, as well as how the Scouring is played. That many KP missions does cause me to totally rethink my build.

    1. It doesn't bother me that much, but I and I'm sure others may have times when they need 30+ dice, and this may be a limiting factor. That and many people like dice that match their armies, that they've gone out and spent money on. Or different colors to roll for different weapons.

      The scouring mission is generally a frowned upon tournament mission because of the lopsidedness it can cause, and I still think there are better ways of running it. The problem with that many KP primary missions, is that a shooting army could not care about objectives if they are winning in KP. I don't like the "two primary missions at a time" concept, and doubly so when they are almost half kp.

    2. While I appreciate your feedback I also posted that we will be play testing 2 more missions this week and will likely remove 2. Per the website the final mission packet will be released on February the 3rd. I expect to replace missions 1 and 7 but we will see.

      On dice you will have plenty to go around. We are investing money to ensure all players have an equal opportunity to play a worry free set of games. This has proven very effective at Battle For Salvation GT and The 11th Company GT. In fact players who I have personally spoken to who attended these events including both TO's now prefer this type of format.

  9. Since flyers cannot score, I think the scouring is fine. And honestly, running two primary missions at a time is, in my opinion, really good for overall balance. With two primary missions in play over the course of 4-7 rounds, only well built armies played by solid players rise to the surface. And that's good for tournament play. In other words, the Relic run by itself is woefully unbalanced. But if it has another book mission in play, I think it's fine.

  10. Spag questions - I am finally getting to something I would like to play and I want to make sure of something. Does the Grand Strategy affect units that the GK have allied with? I need to know before I test a list.

    This is Brodrick


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