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New FAQ's are up!!!

By Spaguatyrine

FAQ's came up today.  There are some nice changes...

All the new stuff

Here you go. Take a look and lets move forward with 6th. 

Q: When making a

Shooting attack against a unit, can Wounds
from the Wound Pool be allocated to models that were not within

range any of the shooting models when To Hit rolls were made (i.e.

half the targeted model are in the shooting models’ range, and half

are not)? (p15)

A: No.
I really like this one.

Q: If a unit has the

Fearless special rule applied to them while they


Gone to Ground, are the effects of Go to Ground immediately

cancelled (for example, if this were to occur at the start of their turn

could those units then move, shoot etc. as normal in the appropriate

phases?) (p35)

A: Yes.Good for Sisters

Q: In assault, what comes first –

Feel No Pain rolls or the roll to

activate a

Force weapon? (p37)

A: The roll to activate a Force Weapon is made before

determining whether or not the victim is permitted a Feel

No Pain roll
NO rolls for feel no pain!!! Yes!!

There are some other changes but check it out. Anything you don't like?


  1. Don't like the first one that you do like, it is poorly worded and abusable such that it does nearly nothing.

    10 Marines with 9 bolters and a missile launcher will always be able to wound entire squads when rapid firing because the missile launcher has 48" range.

    The only thing this rule does is hurt units with only one range band per unit (Grey Knights, dire Avengers etc.)

    1. Nope, they won't. Because your bolter wounds and missile launcher wounds have different strength and AP, they are allocated separately, thus when I allocate the bolter wounds, I measure from bolter models, and vice versa for the missile launcher.

    2. Unfortunately that is not the case as they are still part of the same wound pool. Different groups in the pool, yes, but the rule above refers to the wound pool, not groups in the wound pool.

      Should it work the way you say - oh god, I wish it did - but that isn't the way it is written

    3. I'd play it that you break up the weapons by range band. It makes no sense that a rocket would extend the range of a bolter.

  2. I have to say that I don't like the clarification that Farseer psychic powers, including those that do not require line of sight, may not be cast while embarked in a vehicle. I really feel like this adds insult to injury.

    I did like that they clarified Swooping Hawks intercept to always treat attacks made through the power against vehicles as going against WS0.

  3. Breng77-It does make 24" armies like grey knights and noise marines more able to play against. I like the idea that if I am playing against a ton of noise marines I can play keep away better but the missle launcher is a great way to ensure that doesnt happen.

    A-it is a hit to eldar psychic powers but I all the other codices had the same hit when 6th happened. They are just getting in line with everything else.

    Wolf Scouts got punked again with not being able to take wolfguard leaders or IC's behind enemy lines. I get the IC but the WG become part of the unit. That shouldnt change.

    1. No, it's a BS change. Especially given how weak Eldar powers are in relation to everything else. It's taking anther tool out of box that only has one or two tools left. The Tau ruling is pretty weak too.

      It's not like these where hugely exploitable advantages given what all the new codex's could do. These weren't even making the armies competitive, so taking them away makes no sense.

    2. Oh, and the ruling is much tougher on Eldar than other factions. Normally you can use powers that require LoS in a transport, but you have to target yourself, another squad in the transport, or the transport itself. This ruling seems to say that you can't use Eldar powers while embarked at all.

  4. Exactly if I take one Blast master, you can no longer stay away. It is just kind of dumb.

    Like I said It really hurts GKs, and that is about it.

  5. And now you can take 2 at ten.... :(

  6. Helldrakes with baleflamers got much better!

  7. I think I wet myself a little when I read the Heldrake thing. . .

  8. Does anyone know what the "Litanies of the Dark Angels" rule is for the Dark Vengeance limited ed. chaplain?

    1. It's basically Preferred Enemy (Chaos Marines). It allows him and his unit to reroll 1's to hit and to wound in both the shooting phase and close combat phase against Chaos Space Marines.

      I may be attaching a Chappie to my Devastators...

    2. Aha. Excellent point, esp. with my plasma cannon devs. (rubs hands together)

    3. This FAQ ruling, like many others in the latest batch, makes no damn sense. ALL Dark Angel Chaplains (and most DA IC's) already have the unique Dark Angel rule 'Inner Circle' - p. 28 C:DA "A model with this special rules has the Fearless and Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marine) special rules."

      So, he loses Zealot, which grants him Hatred and Fearless (stacking for doubly Fearless?) and instead gains Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marine)...which he already has? So, he "gains" a net sum of losing Hatred?

      GW, why is this considered a benefit exactly? He certainly is a SPECIAL character!

      It would be worth it if he just had plain Preferred Enemy rather than vs. a specific foe.

    4. Trent, I would rather have fearless. What if you get hit with the psychic power terrify and then your marine unit get's swept for losing in combat.....

  9. Ork brunas just found a new spot near the kommandos on the shelf.

    Lucky I've just started my orks (no GW models will be used on anything though) and I know what I will and won't be getting!

  10. Speaking of FAQ's. Are there going to be any FAQ's for the Indy Open for the things that were not covered?

    Drop pods and Hull points issue
    Vehicles and invulnerable saves (Raw people argue no invul)
    Dark angels and hurricane bolters being considered bultguns
    Vendetta and outflank being allowed or not


  11. Also do weapons only harm maximum range of weapon or maximum range of unit?

    Missle launcher 48"
    Bolter 24"
    All wounds can be allocated up to 48" away?

  12. Tomb King,

    yes we are working on a faq. We will be using the Nova FAQ but I am in contact with Mike Brandt to update it with the new stuff coming in. Quickly to note:

    A drop pod loses a hullpoint once it lands because well, it get's immobilyzed.
    Vehicles will get invul saves. (Why buy a flicker field for DE?)
    Hurrican bolters probably (In discussion)
    Vendetta (In discussion)
    Range of weapons as it is currently written it works that way to a point. You still have to have models within 24" of at least 1 model to do wounds anyways. So yes if all 9 of your tactical squad has at least 1 model and a you have a crack missile then you would be able to wound at least 10 models.

  13. Question for the Drop Pod, if it lands in Dangerous Terrain and rolls a 1, does it then become wrecked?

    My gaming group and I have always played it that the Pod gets immobilized but no Hull Point is lost but if it fails its Dangerous check it loses 2 as an already immobilized vehicles loses an additional HP if it becomes immobilized again.

    I wouldn't mind taking a look at your fAq when you get it, I always liek to see how others play things nationwide and how it differs from my area.

  14. No. A drop pod has 3 hullpoints. So if it lands in dangerous terrain and rolls a 1 it would have 1 more hullpoint until it is wrecked. We will use the Nova FAQ with some updates from us.

    1. Actually under immobilized. If a vehicle is already immobilized it suffers an additional loss of a hp. It would be wrecked with current ruling if it rolled a 1 when landing in DT.

    2. I read this as it looses and additional meaning 1 plus the 1 =2. Not 1+1+1. I will send this to my head judge. I am pretty sure we will rule it just the 2.

  15. The nova has an interesting ruling on shaken and stunned for passengers.

    I have a unique question. If a squad emergency disembarks when wrecked does it get the normal 3" movement or do they get the 6" movement? As it currently appears it is more beneficial to emergency disembark. lol

  16. But emergency disembarking affects you being pinned automatically


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