Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dark Angels; Things to know

By TheGravemind
So it seems every other blog is doing a review or a summary of the new codex. I'll let them do their thing, but after a few days reading the book, here are the key things:

The good
  • Almost every unit went down in cost. Librarian is base 65 (there are no DA powers to take though), Normal green marines (tacs and devs) are 14pts. Deathwing are about the only thing that went up, but they get a bunch of options and special rules.
  • Tons of weapon and wargear went down in price as well, so overall a lot more support options can be taken.
  • Tons of synergy. Bikes provide beacons for terminators, terminators get twin linked when they deep strike, banners that provide area effects. Tons of cheaper random wargear that can help a unit/model greatly.

The Bad
  • The "anti-flier" flier is 180 pts, for TL-lascannon, TL-heavy bolter, and four S6, AP4 missiles. Good thing all missile launchers (tac's, scout's, devs) can take flakk instead of counting on this. It is a shame cause it is a good looking model.
  • The bikes with plasma guns built in, cannot be made troops, and they are only 18" rapid fire guns. So only double tapping at 9" now. (don't get me wrong, still a great unit.)
  • Increase cost of terminators base, plus SS/TH costs to upgrade now; means if you want a close combat unit you're better off taking Deathwing knights or terminators from a different book.
  • The landspeeder vengeance only has a 24" range. Heavy 3 plasma cannon is nice, but at only 24" range on a AV10 speeder is just meh.

The Ugly
  • The flying church is 160 points, for hurricane bolters and a S5 AP- large blast.
  • The Shroud speeder is 80 points, still only a speeder, has shrouding (so 3+ jink), but only gives out stealth, and only in a 6" radius.
  • Whirlwinds still didn't get an AA missile
  • Plasma pistols still cost 15points!!

Overall it is a really great book. Very well balanced, just has some typos in it (rules left in/taken out from reference page to unit page). There are lot of good units, but nothing that immediately jumps out as over the top, have to spam. I won't have a solid list until a lot of play testing is done, so many good combinations.

Oh, and Chaos Beware!


  1. Cheers for this. There's a lot of Dark Angelling going on in my local league, so a bit of foreknowledge about them's going to come in handy.

  2. They seem to me to be an army that will need cheap scoring unit help. Like guard. Lot's of tricks and whistles but expensive. We will see. They do have some cool stuff.

  3. They will be very reliable strategicly with being able to pick with certainty when they will deepstrike


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